North Korea Starving to Death and Torturing Prisoners in Home-Made Gulag Operation

Satellite images have apparently revealed a never-before-seen glimpse of North Korea’s network of political prisons and secret labor camps.

Such revelations will not deter some Democrats in Congress from wishing to hog tie the president’s hands from handling the North Korean regime and state with the only thing it understands – threats and power.

The new revelations come from these satellite images published Thursday by the Committee for Human Rights.

Such revelations, and the response of the United States can be expected to be like those which followed President Franklin Roosevelt’s response to the discovery of the Nazi concentration camps exterminating the Jews.

The response was to do nothing.

Newsweek is reporting in its current issue – and I wonder who still reads Newsweek – that millions could be killed if the United States does anything to disrupt the status quo allowing North Korea to goad and threaten Southeast Asia and the United States while building more and more nuclear weapons.

“Millions could be killed,” Newsweek predicted.

“The North Koreans might give terrorists nuclear bombs if they are attacked,” Newsweek said in so many words and ways.

What is not reported is that the North Koreans might sell an atomic bomb to the highest bidder anyway, and that their atomic bombs are available to terrorists.

After all, Iran has given North Korea much of the learning it needed to create their atomic bombs.

What should we do?


It is too complex and too many innocents might be killed or hurt if we move to destroy North Korea’s ability to manufacture nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

We can have twin 15-year wars that kill millions and thousands of Americans and waste trillions of dollars but to destroy North Korea’s ability to attack us is taking a perilous step – or is it?

What will it take to stop the North Korean’s from producing more and more atomic bombs?

It would take the destruction of an American city – say perhaps Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Then, maybe, we might feel the persuasion to act.

In the meantime we do nothing.

The North Koreans do as they like unfettered.

They threaten Japan, Guam, and the United States everyday.

Discovery of the North Korean gulag will do nothing to change the course of history.

Only strength and power can do this.

But we don’t have the will or the moral courage to kill the haters before the haters kill us.

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