The Battle for the GOP’s Soul

The one thing you have to know about losing your soul is that you have to be in possession of one to lose it.

The last election not only proved that the Democrats lost their soul but that in fact, they hadn’t had one for 25 years.

To retrieve one’s soul is a near impossibility.

Basically, the soulless need to be reborn and their souls reborn with them.

Being a Republican these days implies this: you either follow President Trump or you deride him as not being the right kind of Republican and you quit.

Republicans as quitters is a new thing for the American political scene.

They are quitting, as Senators Corker and Flake have stated, because they can’t follow the president’s imperatives.

This translates neatly: we can’t get re-elected being against him, so why run again if we know we’re going to lose?”

President Trump said exactly this when he Tweeted that Corker and Flake were essentially losers if they ran again. He said Corker couldn’t be elected dogcatcher – which is a terrible indictment as dogcatchers are usually appointed wherever they serve!

The question is what does it mean to be a Republican these days?

It means you are now loving the old days, when George Bush was president and he sent us searching for weapons of mass destruction and brought us two wars that are going on today 15 years after they were begun.

He’s the good guy.

President Trump is the bad guy – but – I wonder – is he the bad guy because he won’t do what Bush did? He won’t go where Bush went?

Bush is the good guy now even though he’s got more than 2000 brave dead American soldiers to account for and hundreds of thousands without limbs or minds that allow them to function absent of PTSD.

Even the Democrats are loving Bush now.

It is a matter of tone – not substance, rather, tone only.

Bush seemed like a nicer guy than President Trump so we need to remember just how good we had it with Bush, or do we?

Bottom line, the GOP establishment is as rudderless as the Democrats and despite this, they cannot get themselves to entirely, wholeheartedly back the president.

The Republicans control the House and the Senate. They have a Republican president, but they don’t have the smarts or the spine to step out of their fine suits and shirts and ties and their stale lingua franca to confront the new American that is coming up all around us.

Leaving Trump to like Bush – ridiculous – perilous. Ridiculous and perilous at the same time.

Some observers see parallels with the tea party movement that cost Republicans seats in 2010 and 2012. Those leading the revolt envision their “economic nationalist” candidates going on to victory and overthrowing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Either way, Sen. Jeff Flake’s surprise decision against seeking reelection this week has shown how the game is changing.

Bottom line, the game is changing but this is not the Tea Party coming to life again.

It is a reordering of the old order at a time in history when the old order doesn’t now how to respond other than to do what has been done in the past.

The past is prologue.

President Trump is proving this.


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