[Exclusive] Has Bob Mueller Flipped?

Charles Finch, for Respvblica

The news from NBC last night that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating Democratic player Tony Podesta’s activity in Russia and the Ukraine indicates that Counsel Mueller has turned his Russian collusion investigation on to the Clintons and the Obama Administration.

In case you hadn’t noticed from the public record, former FBI czars Mueller and James Comey have always played a double game devoted to enhancing their “amour de soi” (self-love) in the context of the honor of the FBI against all comers, regardless of party allegiance, and now that Paul Manafort is leaking like a sieve about Democratic relations with Putin’s Russia and its sphere of influence to superleakers such as Mueller and Comey (please recall that Paul worked with Dems on the Russia trough not only at Black, Manafort but with the Podesta brothers, John and Tony) in order to avoid jail time, Mueller and Comey have belatedly figured out that the currently powerless, Bill, Hillary and Barack, are a far easier target for their own narcissistic goals than our current President.

Speaking of whom, President Trump deserves major credit for this flip by appointing new FBI director Wray, not only a Mueller/Comey enabler and friend but one who has kept his mouth shut since his Senate confirmation.

Since its creation by D.C cop J. Edgar Hoover under President Harding, the FBI has always been not only a political animal but the paradigm for all of the Capitol’s political animals. The failing of recent Presidents is that they thought they could outpolitic the Bureau, hence, for example, President Clinton’s misguided attempts to control his own appointed FBI director Judge Louis Freeh, which former directors Mueller and Comey have not forgotten.

Counsel Mueller’s unlimited investigative purview now becomes, in my view, an asset for President Trump, with the low hanging fruit of the Podesta gang ensuring a vindication of the FBI and the curious in-and-out behavior of Director Comey during the 2016 campaign.

Like nuns protecting their virgin reputations, the league of FBI directors seeks to restore the illusion of its purity with President Trump’s director Wray as the convent prioress. As such, the Democrats, whose absurd defensive measures in Chairman Nunez’ House Intelligence Committee indicate their awareness that Bob Mueller has turned his guns on them, and their ex and would-be Democratic Presidents, such that they fear that they are all going to jail.  President Trump is home free. Don’t screw it up, Mr. President, okay? 

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