If Senator Bob Corker Wants to Complain About Someone, He Should Complain About Himself

Senator Bob Corker has been going one on one with President Donald Trump.

He said this week that much of what the president says is untrue in what has been described as an astonishing attack on the president.

I don’t know Senator Corker – the well dressed and coiffed, well spoken, do-nothing Republican – and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

If Senator Corker wants an investigation or to complain about something other than tone, he should begin with himself.

I can understand his disappointment with the president who probably feels the same way I do about the Republican Party which is an inch in front of the Democrats for doing nothing to change the course of history in this nation.

Forget about history – how about foreign policy.

“What foreign policy?” most Americans might well ask Senator Corker.

He presides over two ongoing 15 year old wars that seem to have no end in sight, and after all that time, no meaning, either.

While the political pundits and the enemies of the president are all shouting for an investigation as to exactly how four special forces soldiers died in Niger, neither Senator Corker nor anyone else in Washington seems to be as disturbed about the more than 2,000 brave Americans who have given their lives to support the nothingness professed by the sweet talking Senator Corker and his colleagues and all the Democrats lining up behind him.

What all of us see in Senator Corker is a nice man who dresses perfectly in expensive suits and ties and brilliant double white shirts – a handsome guy so typical, so smart and so do nothing in every way representing to perfection the image we are supposed to have of American senators.

Senator Corker is angry that the president doesn’t act right, doesn’t speak like him, doesn’t dress as well as he does – that the comportment of the American president is just all wrong given the way things have come to be in Washington DC.

If only Washington, led by Senator Corker and his type of do nothing Republican and Democratic senators, could return to the Obama Era with inspiring speeches, great suits and ties, rhetoric that talked about a future but without an ounce of common sense about breaking the logjam in Washington.

Senator Corker should go back to where he comes from and wear great suits and brilliant crisp ties, speak softly in that homey, folksy, meaningless style exhibiting for all to see and hear the exact tone a senator should have.

None of us will have lost anything when Senator Corker leaves the senate, not a powerful voice for change, not anything we need.

He is there and nothing is being done.

He will leave and nothing will be done.

Senator Corker’s tone is about being and nothingness.

His leadership of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has not been memorable, except for his tone, which is always more for the deaf than for those of us who want to hear something substantive.





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