Hillary Clinton Thinks Being Nicer to Iran and North Korea Will Work

By John Grady

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently criticized President Donald Trump for being too tough on Iran and North Korea. She apparently thinks being nicer to those regimes will make them less intent on destroying tens of millions of people.

Well, let’s lay all of the facts out on the table, starting with Iran.

Iran is currently the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. This means they spend more money than any other country on funding efforts to destabilize and destroy our way of life. They have repeatedly vowed to destroy Israel, the Jewish nation which is home to more Jews than any other nation in the world. I should not need to remind anyone of the horrors perpetrated by the Third Reich of Nazi Germany on the Jewish people during World War II. This alone should be cause for concern. But, that is not all. Iran has been hell-bent on building its own nuclear weapons, which would, without a doubt, be aimed at Israel. The so-called Iran Deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is only temporary fix for the threat of a nuclear-capable Iran. To call it a temporary fix is, in fact, being generous. The deal does not prevent the country from refining and enriching uranium, a key component in nuclear weapons. While it does place a limit on the amount of uranium they are able to refine and enrich, it still enables them to become better at this practice and more effective at it, which is crucial for building nuclear weapons.

Iran is not the only nation, of course, with nuclear ambitions. North Korea is intent on becoming fully nuclear capable. They have already launched several missiles capable of intercontinental flight, as well as having conducted numerous nuclear explosion tests. It is believed they may have even detonated a hydrogen bomb, which is significantly more powerful than a standard atomic bomb. This poses a significant threat to the security of the eastern Pacific region. Thankfully, they have not yet developed the capability to make a nuclear warhead small enough to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile. This gives the US and it’s allies time to continue to explore all options, including military action, as they seek to deal with this rising threat posed by the Kim regime in North Korea.

President Trump recently decertified the Iran Deal, which led to Iranian President Rouhani declaring that Iran would, henceforth, begin to develop weapons with the sole purpose of destroying our allies in the region and threatening the safety and sovereignty of Israel. In regards to North Korea, Kim Jong Un has declared, time and again, that any attempt to interfere with their nuclear ambitions will be met with force. Trump has responded in kind. He has repeated many times that all options are on the table in order to deal with the threat currently posed by North Korea to the stability of the Asiatic Pacific region. Trump has repeatedly responded with strong words backed up by what is the world’s most powerful military. Yet, according to Hillary Clinton, that is not nice and bad. According to her, we should be patient with two of the most destabilizing forces in the world. We have tried said patience in the past and it has only led to our current predicament. So, is being nicer the answer? I don’t think so. President Trump has clearly learned from the mistakes of past presidents and is acting accordingly. Kudos to him. Keep up the good work, Mr. President.

John Grady thinks and writes about national and world events for Respvblica.com.  

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