Hypocrisy Unmasked

Left Denounces Trump’s lack of respect for former presidents and dead on battlefield, But is just fine with athletes taking knees.

President Trump has done it again.

He has set off a firestorm of controversy when he said that former President Obama didn’t call the parents or loved ones of all American dead on the battlefield when they had died.

He said of Obama: “I don’t think he called all of them, maybe some of them — but not all of them.”

He said not all presidents called every time a serviceman or woman died.

He is right, of course.

Perhaps it might have been better left unsaid — and this is right, of course.

But having said it, the expected result was a giant, mournful, self-righteous outpouring of anger and lust anger aimed at the president.

Phil Mudd, a CNN analyst said the president has the empathy of a cockroach.

“All the loved ones of the dead on the battlefield just want to be consoled that their loved one had sacrificed their life for the flag,” Mudd said on national television.

Mudd, the CNN talking head, a former CIA operative said the president has hurt the feelings of the parents and loved ones of those who served proudly for the flag and country and who were only looking to be soothed in their loss.

This same CNN talking head also supports professional football players taking knees in front of national audiences and football fields filled with millions of spectators.

Are they taking knees against the flag, the heroes on the battlefield, to those who are serving… or is this a different flag, with a different set of rules and regulations that Mudd is talking about!

Mudd is typical of the liberal voice condemning the president on the one hand and calling him a cockroach because he didn’t wave the flag correctly for those who died on the battlefield while at the same time not condemning those who trample our flag and national symbols in the faces of everyone who serves and of everyone who has died serving this nation.

There is an old saying that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Mr. Mudd ought to get his act together before he calls the president a cockroach again.

Mudd needs to listen to what he says, or in this instance, he needs to listen and to watch what he says on television before he pretends to be the conscience of the war dead.

You can’t be for taking knees and humiliating the flag and for pretending to stand up for the flag when denouncing the president.

I don’t know who the cockroach is: Mudd or the president — and when you take a moment to think it out — Mudd is more the cockroach than the president because he is so hypocritical.

A veritable 14-carat CNN fraud speaking from both sides of his mouth every night.

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