An Open Letter to President Trump

President Trump:

You don’t need me to tell you this, but I want to make sure that you know someone—actually, lots of people, I am sure—understand what your Presidency represents.

I know that America is witnessing the power of pure intention, without fear.  Your willingness to remake policy in a way that places faith in the free market offends huge numbers of voters, yet you take the needed actions.  Your insistence that the CIA and FBI not operate as a shadow government offends many in those organizations, yet you take the needed actions.  Your focus on America as a nation worthy of enormous respect, despite its past and current flaws, makes you a relentless target of our nation’s enemies and apologists, yet you will not yield to them.

I believe, and millions of Americans believe, that the example you are setting is one of extreme commitment to freedom and truth and extreme courage in the face of vicious criticism (including calls for your assassination).

You are not just risking your reputation, in order to make America stronger, you are risking your life.  A man does not confront the CIA and FBI without having confronted his own mortality.

During the campaign, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson reportedly helped you see that your role in America’s history was hardly random—that you were, instead, an instrument of God.

It may not be too much to call you a prophet.  A prophet is regarded as a definitive revealer of God’s will.  And are not individual freedoms part of God’s will and does not America represent the world’s best chance to preserve those freedoms and spread them to other nations?

You must already know this, but readers might benefit from the reminder:  Prophets are always disparaged by millions.  The more prophetic a leader is, the more he or she will be hated by huge segments of the population.

Many millions of us, however, know exactly what you are working toward, why it is selfless work and why it is inspired work.

We will be there in 2020.  And I will never have been prouder to cast a vote, nor for my children to know for whom I cast my vote.

Keith Ablow, MD

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