If Anyone Needs Jesus, it’s Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood convicted Harvey Weinstein of everything that’s been written about him in the media.

It was a short and sweet proceeding held on a Saturday afternoon in California.

The accused was not present.

Perhaps the Academy folks watched an incriminating Weinstein video, that is, a video incriminating Weinstein.

Perhaps not.

Weinstein has been convicted by his Hollywood patrons and saints.

Even though he hasn’t been charged (yet) with a crime, his colleagues in the Academy have ordered him out.

He is out. He is done. Or is he done?

Hollywood is so famous for comebacks against all odds.

But Weinstein isn’t an actor. Weinstein was dumped from the pantheon of Hollywood’s elite, the Academy. Never before in its history has the Academy done such a thing.

He has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Everyone in the movie industry who loved him two weeks ago now hates him. Toasted by so many in the industry as a great success, he is now denounced by those who toasted him as a serial pervert, degenerate and disgrace to humanity.

Weinstein has entered a sex addiction clinic. Obviously he is receiving sound legal advice. As soon as his psychiatric work up has been stolen or leaked, we will publish it immediately. Some are predicting this could be more interesting and addictive than really fine pornography.

Weinstein is no expert at irony. He’s not much better at humor, either. He’s been said to be asking people for a second chance.

“Doesn’t a guy who is sorry get a second chance?” he seemed to be pleading in published reports.

Weinstein need to confess and to talk about his sins. He needs a baptism. If anyone needs Jesus, it’s Harvey Weinstein.

God or Jesus or both preferably.

What about Weinstein’s conviction in the court of public opinion?

Should the Academy or anyone have the power to crush this man except for the legal justice system or the civil courts, I’m not politically correct but I don’t think so.

Who exactly has the right to convict Weinstein or anyone and to humiliate him?

Again he hasn’t been charged with a crime.

There’s a whole lot of hearsay – and the hearsay is all bad.

I am not feeling sorry for Weinstein.

Nearly everyone who acts like him who has millions gets another chance – and then another chance usually after that.

Weinstein is getting the worst thing that can happen to a man like him – a remade name and reputation connoting depravity, and sickness.

Just because a lot of people have come out and made terrible allegations about him (which may all be true) doesn’t rise to the level of being charged with a crime, indicted, tried and convicted.

Hollywood has done the right thing for its public face.

The vote was illegal as no crime has been proven to be committed.

It is impossible to convict a suspect of a charge without a trial or a legal proceeding.

The Academy however has judged Weinstein.

Guilty they say.

Everyone gave him a thumbs down.

Two weeks ago he was their leader and hero.

My how the mighty have fallen.

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