EXCLUSIVE: Western Media Silent on Iranian Politicians’ Reactions to Trump’s Iran Deal Decision

In the wake of President Trump’s decision on Friday to de-certify the Obama administration’s deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the international community and media were swift to condemn the president’s “dangerous” and “dishonest” actions.

Meanwhile, figureheads in Tehrān issued responses of their own which the English-language media either deliberately misinterpreted or ignored. While the reactions of some ordinary Iranians were reported, only President Rouhani’s remarks were made available in English.

“We will continue to stick to the deal and to cooperate with the [International Atomic Energy Agency] within the framework of international law,” Iranian president Rouhani told press in İstanbul as he sat beside Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey. “The speech …showed that the [nuclear deal] is much stronger than what this gentleman [President Trump] thought during the presidential campaign,” he said.

While Rouhani slyly promised cooperation, the same Washington Post report carrying his remarks referred to him as a “a moderate leader who has pushed for Iran to open up to the world.” Rouhani is not a “moderate,” as he has ordered the execution of thousands, supported the Assad regime, massively increased funding for global and regional Jihād, and leads a government which has banned the IAEA from accessing Iranian nuclear facilities.

The media appear to believe that Iran will keep (let alone has kept) to the deal in good faith. Iran is a nation like any other, the media believe, and their main concern is normalization, respect (embodied by attaining nuclear status), and economic growth.

The far more complex and unsettling truth was partially revealed shortly after Rouhani’s speech in statements from another so-called “moderate” Iranian politician, Mohammed Reza Aref, the head of the “Hope Fraction” — none of which were reported in the English-speaking media.

In a tweet reported by the Farsi Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), Aref said, “Any possible action taken by the U.S. will be followed by a clever reaction by the Iranian government and within the framework of the Iranian people’s interest.”

Aref, who opposed the U.N.-backed nuclear agreement, was prepared to mince fewer words than his president. “The words of Trump about the Persian Gulf,” he wrote in another tweet, “…show his desperation to show to his allies in the region [such as Saudi Arabia] that in order to make them happy he will go as far as forging and changing the vocabulary [such as using the term “Arab Gulf”], which is the highest level of humiliation.”

Aref has been misleadingly labeled a “reformist” in the Western media, but in a statement published on Sunday morning, he displayed the honesty which Wikipedia does not. As also reported by ILNA in Farsi:

…Aref, in response to the remarks made yesterday …said: “Mr. Trump did not appear as the president of a civilized country, but unfortunately as a representative or agent of the Zionist regime.”

He added that Trump’s positions were nothing beyond his custom and nature.

…“The talk of Mr. Trump was more like a fool, and when he used the fake words of the Arabian Gulf, he revealed that he was the culprit of oppression towards our revolution and our people.”

He stated that these positions would surely be nothing but damaging for them and their arrogance, adding: “These positions will lead to the consolidation of our people and, God willing, greater solidarity in the region and the Islamic world against arrogance and the Zionist regime.”

The scathing, anti-Semitic remarks of a so-called “reformer” are far more enlightening as to the Iranian government’s true interests than the Western media’s fears of Trump’s “demonization” of Iran.

Severely offended by Trump’s relative warmth toward Israel and overtures to the Arab Gulf States in their standoff with Iran, Aref demonstrates two facts: that the media find moderates in the wrong places, and even those in government who opposed the deal are still both enemies of Israel and the United States. The Western media’s disgust with Trump shifts their focus from the heart of the matter to organs of far inferior consequence, leading them to ignore statements from within the Iranian government made by those other than the president himself.

The same ILNA report also quoted none other than the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani — Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khāmene’i’s former representative to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council — and his response to President Trump’s intentions to designate the regime’s brutal Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization:

Speaking to Trump’s remarks on the Revolutionary Guards, the Speaker of the Parliamentary Speaker stated: “The Revolutionary Guard is an official and military institution of an independent state called the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

[Larijani] added: “In my opinion, Mr. Trump establishes a [terrible] evil, [for] the Revolutionary Guard is a legitimate military organization, and it is also enshrined in the constitution.”

He stated that the IRGC is an independent military institution [which operates] in the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He noted that the services and role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were in keeping with the values of revolution and national interests.

A member of the Expediency Council noted that the combat of the Corps is a combination of sincere, valuable, and youthful forces which have been present in all scenes of the revolution, and their most important issue is Islamic values.

To this, Aref, the “moderate,” added, “Certainly, Mr. Trump’s words will be confronted with the opposition of the Islamic world, the world’s most liberal and elite [entity], which knows the IRGC and the [its] role …in maintaining the independence of the country as well as in the peace of the region.”

The IRGC is the main shock-troop wing of the Ayatollah’s despotic government, and is responsible for the majority of the post-Revolutionary murders of dissidents and monarchist holdovers since the 1980s; they also control Iran’s immensely lucrative oil business, not to mention the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile program.

The main disagreement within the government of Iran — as well as among many of its polled subjects — appears to be over how to destroy the leader of the world of the Kāfir, the United States. Still the deliberately naïve media react with horror at President Trump’s efforts to even begin an attempt at applying a more just approach to the West’s relationship with the world’s highest-ranking sponsor of Jihād. Nevertheless, Iranian dissidents living in the West, as well as some American conservatives, justifiably believe that Trump foolishly stopped short of delivering what he could have.

The evening after the president’s announcement, Iranian-American journalist and human rights activist Aynaz Anni Cyrus (to whose generous efforts the quoted translations are due) broadcast live to her followers on YouTube with her reaction to the president’s decision. Though impressed with the overall quality of the speech, Cyrus, herself a survivor of the Iranian regime’s many signature brutalities, expressed disappointment. “…The outcome of it was as disappointing as it gets,” she said. “We have a nuclear deal that clearly, from President Trump’s words himself [sic], is… the most ridiculous… and this was when he talked in front of [the] U.N. [a] few weeks ago when said it was ‘an embarrassment’ to have such a deal…”

She continued:

But, however, he goes on saying, as a president, he has the power to just sign and get rid of… this deal altogether, but he still decided to go ahead and try to re-negotiate and fix the flaws within this deal. …I don’t think this deal has flaws here and there: I think the whole thing is wrong, completely. And… as President Trump said himself, every day that goes by it’s another day that [the] Islamic Republic of Iran’s taking a step forward for their nuclear weapon. So, I don’t understand why would President Trump [sic] want to try to re-negotiate and fix the flaws. …I know he knows that the end of this story is to just walk away from this deal. Why are we giving them more days and more opportunity and more time…?

The wisdom of President Trump’s decision to only remove a portion of the deal’s power remains to be proven, but what remains obvious is the media’s inability to gather the broader facts of such momentous events in the face of partisan hatred. The president’s refusal to discard the deal outright is relatively dishonest in light of his obvious past hostility to it. Still, Trump’s never-ending personal imperfections and errors of judgment are the fairest of game for journalistic scrutiny, but only in the proper context of a world which, contrary to the previous administration’s thinking, is filled with agents who are due neither deference nor gentlemanly decorum.

The true nature of America’s most dangerous enemy on earth must be grasped, and the supposedly “free” Western media — precisely what the enslaved people of Iran lack — have a duty to understand and fully inform the public on the true dangers to our civilization. Revenge for losing an election, however, appears to trump the purpose of their own existence.

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  1. Jeff Ludwig says:

    I just can’t say enough how much I agree with the message and analysis presented by this article. I have published articles about the Iran deal at frontpagemag.com and at americanthinker.com as well as at israelnationalnews.com The “deal” (so-called because in actuality it was a treaty although the Constitutional requirements for passing a treaty were by-passed because of Sen. Bob Corker and a gutless U.S. Senate leadership) was a disgrace to all rational people and to those who love the USA and have a righteous, mature understanding of global politics. Iran is a terribly governed, maniacal society. The Shah governed a police state. But these guys are far worse than the Shah. Democracy is a charade in Iran. Their leadership is grotesque and crazy based on a ruthless hatred of mankind in the name of Allah with some allied theology about the “true caliphate” succession.

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