Iran Deal: A Deal for Iran, But No Deal for Muslims

Since the Iran deal was struck by the Obama Administration it has been a deal in favor of the Iranian dictatorship.

The Iranians pay almost as little attention to the word and the art of the deals they make and sign and promise to keep with the West than the North Koreans, who we are supposed to be talking with to discuss diplomatic means to contain or to do away with or to stop their nuclear ambitions.

This isn’t going to happen not unless there is an intervention — and an intervention isn’t going to happen until the Western world awakens to the harsh reality that without sacrifice, the West cannot protect itself from those sworn to obliterate us as part of their way of life.

Making a deal with the Iranians is the same as making a deal with the North Koreans — except that the Iranians are smarter and shrewder if not more transparent in their hatred and contempt for the West than North Korea.

The science community and defense community is in near unanimous agreement that the Iranians could make an atomic bomb almost overnight if circumstances change with the present agreement with the US.

In the meantime, Iran’s running around roughshod as the big stick in the Middle East is the sorry detritus of the agreement the West reached with our antagonists in Teheran.

Making deals with Iranians — who used to fancy themselves as Persians — true leaders of the ancient world for so many centuries – is like making deals with swindlers and frauds. The Iranians are famous for this throughout a long tribal / semi-national history based in bartering and then rarely if ever keeping to their word following the handshake.

Iran is a dictatorship.

It is a dictatorship of men over women, old over young, rich over the poor, the favored few over the tens of millions of Iranians, with religious zealots fuming with hatred and contempt for the West and anyone who doesn’t think or pray like them calling the shots in a hopelessly bankrupt social setting ultimately doomed to failure.

President Trump’s promised removal of the certification for the deal now in place with Iran is a message to Iran that we, the US, understand former Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama were outwitted by the Iranians, out-dealed by the Iranians, fooled into thinking by the Iranians that they would abide by a treaty when everything about their leadership is sustained for the purpose of doing otherwise.

There is the widespread consensus among those people in the diplomatic community who understand that since the treaty was signed between the US and Iran, Iran has accelerated its efforts to export its own specialized form of dictatorship to many other Middle Eastern dictatorships where the very religious are fighting genocidal wars over who prays as a Sunni and who prays as a Shiite.

One of the ironies of the Muslim world is that Muslims hate and detest one another for their religious differences which is why Iran is now pitted against Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

They take joy in killing one another over the practice of Islam.

Iran’s ambition to control the Middle East in a wondrous, splendiforess return to the greatness of its ancient Persian roots is a modern absurdity given shape and form by treaties such as that we negotiated with the Iranians over nuclear weapons development.

They hate us. They laugh at us. They privately joke among themselves at how stupid and gullible we are.

And they are right.

Being afraid of Iranian bluster and contempt for us is not the way to negotiate with these people being strangled by a corrupt dictatorship.

President Trump may not be our most eloquent spokesperson for doing a treaty the right way but he has a solid point in waving an angry and threatening finger at Iran, who does the same to us everyday and especially on Friday when they pray out loud for our destruction at prayers led by the Ayatollah Khameine’i.

They shout aloud in a frenzied manner at those prayer services — which in reality — are hate services dedicated to mocking those they made a deal with.

Common sense people understand you can’t make a deal with people like this.


Because they hate us and they lie to us and they make the effort everyday to gain ground for their own obscene religious reasons to dominate and control the Middle East and the world, if they are allowed.


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