Kim Jong-un: “Let’s Just Leave Him Alone. He’ll Go Away”

At dinner at a best friend’s home we started in on each other.

“Why is Trump bothering with Kim Jong-un. What’s the matter with him. It is so dangerous what the president is doing,” my friend said.

He’s a liberal guy with two kids, lovely wife, good business, nice home in a fine community, a sane, sensible guy but always leaning left — always.

“Let’s just leave him alone. He’ll go away,” he said.

As one steeped and marinated in the literature of the Holocaust, and as an American Jew who likes to think I know better, my friend pleading that the president leave Kim Jong-un alone left a very bad echo in my brain.

That phrase is the exact same wording used by Jews in pre-war, pre-Nazi Germany as Hitler was rising in power.

“Don’t say anything about him. Don’t get in his way. Just leave him alone and he will leave us alone,” was the mantra of the Jews in Germany at this time.

Part of the mantra was this: “Don’t say anything against him (Hitler). What do you want to do, get us killed?”

Today, such expressions even used by me are considered a trope by liberal Jews unable and unwilling to support Israel, who rant and rave about the president’s tone and incompetence, and who praise and who follow like Lemmings being led to the sea the doyens of fake news.

These same liberal Jews criticize Israel without knowing a thing about terrorism, slaughter, or violence. They are typical American Jews — and really, they are more typical Americans than Jews, because they’ve lost their sense of identity as a people nearly wiped from the face of the earth only 75 years ago.

They don’t want to sacrifice anything. They don’t want to be hurt by anything.

They lock their doors and turn on their alarm systems inside their suburban homes at night — and they sleep soundly.

Back to Kim Jong-un and the president’s animus for him, against him and his willingness to confront him when the world has turned a deaf ear to his threats to atomic bomb us the moment he has the capability.

“Oh he would never do this,” the mainstream press now assures us.

“Trump is crazier than Kim,” is the cautionary refrain.

Rein in Trump and the North Korean problem goes away.

Un is left to his own little country with dozens of nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles and his constant threats to use them on his neighbors, our allies and us — and somehow this is OK.

“There will be a lot of damage and carnage if we try to do anything to Kim,” is the common liberal refrain. It is even institutionalized among many Americans as the only possible refrain.

To do something against Kim is considered madness.

To accept this cruel dictator’s nuclear arsenal and ability to blackmail the nations of Asia is the only thing we can do.

To do anything else is to risk a war.

I may be a Jew but I’m not afraid of Kim and his monsters who follow him the way Hitler’s monsters took his orders and carried them out.

The net result of allowing Hitler’s rise was to signal Europe’s entrance into the heart of darkness — the war that erased the Jewish nation from Europe (to the delight of many Germans and Europeans) and which caused a level of death and slaughter of innocents such as mankind has ever experienced.

“Just leave Kim alone. He’ll go away. Who cares about him?” my friend said to me last night as talked about the world and its disorder.

We laughed. We drank. We ate. We played with the kids. We applauded our political differences.

Ultimately, my wife and I went home.

My buddy went back to the safety and to the good feeling that doing nothing is the right way to go with murderers and frauds like Kim Jong-un.

For a Jew, this is unforgivable.

For an American — well — I’m not sure what to say.




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