Respvblica: First to Identify What FBI Profilers Have Announced | Las Vegas Shooter Had Severe Mental Illness

FBI profilers have now announced that Stephen Paddock suffered with a severe mental illness.

We at Respvblica wrote several days ago that Mr. Paddock had many of the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder; see “Did Stephen Paddock Have Asperger’s Disorder? Does That Explain Explain What He Did?” and “More Evidence Suggests Las Vegas Shooter Has Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

Why was the media so slow to see the obvious, given Mr. Paddock’s many symptoms of the disorder, including his insistence on driving with gloves at all times, his move near Las Vegas to play video poker, his failure to greet neighbors who smiled or waved to him, his severely disordered sleep and his fascination with numbers and algorithms?

One reason is that so much of the media—at least the liberal-leaning media—was falling all over itself to insist that guns were to blame.  Get rid of guns, they seem to always insist, and mass violence will go away, too.

Well, guess what?  Stephen Paddock would have collected explosive devices, had he not collected guns.  And he would have used them to kill many, many people.  And if he could not have gotten his hands on explosives, he would have procured poison to taint the food in several Las Vegas cafeteria style restaurants.

The way to prevent mass violence, most effectively, is to identify and treat mental illness.  Period.

Sounds pretty absolute, doesn’t it?  Well, we at Respvblica think the truth is sometimes absolute.  And when it is, we aren’t afraid to speak it.

Keith Ablow, MD and Joshua Resnek

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