A World Famous Transgender Surgeon Thinks Penises are Being Removed Just a Little Too Fast

According to a report in The Telegraph, Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, a urological surgeon in Belgrade, has observed an increase in patients asking him to reverse gender reassignment surgeries.

Needless to say, these reversal surgeries, which may need to unfold in stages over the course of a year, are highly complex and may never entirely restore anything like the person’s original anatomy.

Dr. Djordjevic, who has been offering gender reassignment procedures for about a decade, bemoans the fact that some patients are being rushed into gender reassignment surgery without the year-long preparation he suggests.

And some of these people aren’t even 18.

Well, duh.  But let me help Dr. Djordjevic out here:  No one is an appropriate candidate for gender reassignment surgery, whether in six months, one year, six years or two decades.  And not at age 16 or 26 or 66.

It’s nice that Dr. Djordjevic tries to help restore penises to those who were castrated, needlessly, in gender reassignment surgeries gone awry.  And it is nice that he removes the makeshift phalluses that women want to be rid of when they realize they are not really men (no matter what they may have thought before).  But it is not nice that Dr. Djordjevic—after what he considers a reasonable time period—is quite willing to sever the penises or remove the breasts of other unfortunates who visit him for “help” transitioning.

Dr. Djordjevic strikes me, in fact, like a drug dealer who doesn’t think it’s a good idea to sell crystal meth to kids, but is just fine peddling crack cocaine to your average, drug addicted street person over 18.

The doctor is very selective about whose penis or breasts he cuts off.

Some hero.

Well, here’s my message to Djordjevic and other misguided or monstrous surgeons like him:  The  individuals who believe that they are female, when their anatomy and DNA suggests they are male (or vice versa), are no different than individuals who believe they are CIA agents, when they are not.  Both are delusional and in need of psychiatric treatment, not hormone injections or surgery.

Newsflash:  They don’t need you, Dr. D.  They need me.

See, Dr. D, there’s this thing called a Hippocratic Oath that includes the words, “First, do no harm.”  And I suggest you put your scalpel down and think about those words a good, long time.  Then, try to figure out why you’re using a knife to cut off genitals and breasts.  Maybe you won’t be able to, though.  Maybe you need me, too.

Keith Ablow, MD


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