Leftists Hate Collective Punishment — But it is Always Just in the Case of Gun Owners

“Collective punishment” is always a leftist nightmare.

Israeli military efforts to defend its people from the racist efforts of the Muslim world to complete the Holocaust are collective punishment.

U.S. government enforcement of among the most lenient immigration laws on earth is collective punishment.

The U.S. justice system “disproportionately” targets black Americans (regardless of the painful fact that far from the system being intentionally racist, black Americans commit a rough average of half of the country’s crime).

Suddenly, however, in the wake of every mass shooting of innocents, leftists immediately launch into the crusade of gun control before the dead have been transported to the morgue. The media and failed politicians followed suit dutifully on the most recent occasion of the slaughter in Las Vegas. Gun control rather than crime — let alone Jihād — is eternally the issue, and MoveOn.org petitioners call upon the government to declare the NRA a “terrorist organization.”

Why are the three presented examples of moral clarity dreaded forms of “collective punishment,” while stripping tens of millions of law-abiding American gun owners of their inalienable rights through federal legislation for the crimes of the few apparently is not?

The answer, as often happens, is both complex and not based in reality.

Firstly, America’s gun owners — unlike black criminals, illegal immigrants, and Palestinians — are not a protected class of victims. Generally Caucasian, conservative, and concentrated in rural areas with minimal police presence, they fit many urban coastal stereotypes of ignorant, violent, “racist” white men compensating for penile deficiency.

One of the ironies, however, of gleeful leftists accusing supporters of the Second Amendment of phallic impotence and the supposed urge to “cling” to their guns in the face of Third-World immigration is that leftists are the ones far more consumed by fear.

Their delusions deriving from ignorance, but also a deep psychological need for control, leftists cannot understand a person being truly self-sufficient and taking responsibility for one’s own protection. Their belief is in a titanic, centralized state which, in the way of the parent, assumes the role of the individual’s protector and provider. They, therefore, are incapable of viewing an individual exercising the right to self-protection as either admirable or normal; for if citizens went about taking responsibility for their lives and physical security, the assumed need for the said titanic, centralized state which leftists make their livings advocating and empowering quickly diminishes.

The world is a terrifying place to people who insist that their lives must be the responsibility of others. They insist upon an omnipotent police state to enforce their designs of so-called social equality, but despise police officers on account of their duty to defend private property. This bizarre double-speak demonstrates the importance of fear in both the leftist psyche and armoire of tactics.

Why, once again, is it permissible to collectively punish gun owners and not black criminals, illegal immigrants, or Palestinians?

The answer lies in the fear which leftists have learned so effectively to both use against others and experience themselves.

Leftists fear all four of these groups (the latter three on account of the violence associated with them), but only gun owners cannot be harnessed to serve their ideological ends. Black criminals, illegal immigrants, and Palestinians are beloved by leftists because they are easily used as battering rams in the grand Marxist conquest of Western civilization. All “people of color,” they are the oppressed who can then be bribed through entitlements and political settlement to assist the radicals in attacking the West at its heart.

Gun owners, on the other hand — independent and self-sufficient citizens — cannot be so easily bribed out of clinging to their liberty. The threat they pose is that they are feared to be above falling for Washington’s confidence tricks.

Collective punishment, then (the precise ramification of “social justice”), is not an accusation associated with moral clarity; in reality it is merely another attack upon the consciences of a civilization whose guilt has allowed and perpetuated its openness to such moral fraud in the first place.

America’s gun owners must suffer for the crimes of a few because leftists cannot attack the three real factors which genuinely precipitate gun violence: Democrat policiesJihād, and the wild insanity of human nature.

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