“Don’t Expect Congress to Take Action on Mass Shootings,” Writes NYT and Boston Globe

This morning’s headlines were poetic and pathetic at the same time – our best and brightest and most liberal newspapers in the nation shouting out the idea that no action will be taken on mass shootings.

But then, what actions can be taken to stop men and women from insane acts that take the lives of so many innocents?

The cry out is naturally and unnaturally for gun control.

With something like 250 million weapons held privately by citizens in this nation, what exactly is the proposal?

What kind of gun control will stop the proliferation of such incidents and mass murders?

The obvious first step is banning assault rifles.

Do this and the problem goes away?


The problem remains.

This is a nation wed to its guns and a violent place since our founding in 1776.

The problem is not so much the guns but rather, the folks who use the guns and who abuse the guns and who kill innocents — and then themselves — as the lunatic shooter in Las Vegas did after killing 59 people and wounding about 500 others.

Yet the cry is for something that cannot be attained or achieved.

It is the liberal cry for a fix to every problem we have when there is no fix.

The cry is for doing something that pays lip service to an issue that cannot be solved, as the right to bear arms is protected by the Constitution.

The right to slaughter innocents is not protected by the Constitution.

Somewhere in between these two places there probably lies a solution but no one knows what it is.

Headlines decrying the national government’s moral and social bankruptcy in failing to stop these maniacal shootings and deaths of innocents are shoot from the hip make believe headlines.

For there is nothing the government can do to stop our people from being violent or from time to time taking their weapons and shooting people to death with them.

Can’t be done.

We can ban assault weapons.

We can make mass murder punishable by death.

We can arm our police with all kinds of high tech equipment and armaments.

But they cannot stop an insane person from committing acts of violence.

Bottom line, you can’t ban insanity.

In order to ban and end all mass murders, you have to ban insanity.

Let’s see Congress do that.

Actually, Congress would have to ban itself in order to remove the insanity of nothingness from our national government.

The morning’s newspaper headlines scream out — we have to do something.

We have to make believe we are wanting to do something.

We have to end the violence in our society.

Well, that’s like saying we have to alter human nature.

Or we need to exert mind control over those hell bent on committing murder and slaughter such as the lunatic in Las Vegas.

We can create all the bans we want but will ISIS pay attention to them when they send their killers to slaughter us?

Did Osama bin Laden pay attention to our laws when he slaughtered more than 2000 people in an hour at the World Trade Center?

The headlines are rubbish.

The liberal press, in this instance, is rubbish.

The cries against banning assault weapons are rubbish.

So much about public policy fails miserably in today’s America.

The liberal press’ belief that we can legislate away mass murders is hypocrisy.

The press implying this can be done is a lie.

Stopping the insanity of man is the effort that must be made.

How do we do that?

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