Taking Knees Serious Problem for NFL to Explain Away

You can’t take a knee and explain it away pretending it isn’t a protest against the flag.

American sports viewers are gullible but they aren’t idiots.

“Oh I took the knee but it isn’t a protest against the flag,” a number of NFL players have been quoted as saying.

The American public understands this is a lame excuse.

The American public understands an insult when they see one.

The same thing happened during the Vietnam War era when protesters of the war burned American flags or carried Viet Cong flags during parades in Washington, DC.

The protest then is the same as the protest today.

The knee is the burning of the American flag.

The knee is the excuse of the politically correct who are all now taking knees and expounding on the virtue of taking the knee as though it ennobles America in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world.

It doesn’t.

The taking of the knee is a take down.

A take away.

An insult by every measure of the meaning of the word insult.

Sanctioned and given new meaning by the owners of NFL teams, advertisers and the liberal American press.

The knee is right.

Showing respect for the flag and the national anthem is wrong – or not wrong at all – but rather, unnecessary because Americans have the right to free expression.

The expression among patriots during the Vietnam War era was love it or leave it.

Love America or leave it.

Carry a Viet Cong flag and burn American flags: this wasn’t just free expression. It was an insult and an obscenity to the brave men fighting the politicians’ war.

It was un-American then.

It is un-American today.

NFL players taking the knee insult the nation that has given them everything they have, including the right to be free, to make millions of dollars, to be heroes to the young and to stand out as examples of how all Americans should be, whatever their race.

Taking the knee and explaining it away as not meaning an insult to the flag and the anthem is rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

The NFL fan base and viewing public also has a problem with this explanation.

If NFL players aren’t protesting the flag and our society then what are they doing taking a knee?

Protests by fans opposed to the taking of knees are growing around the nation.

Team owners taking knees with their players do so to exhibit solidarity with their players, not necessarily their ideals and deep down feelings – for no NFL owner on their own would ever have taken a knee.

Such overt acts of defiance against the flag and the nation and common decency out of respect to those who serve no longer matter.

Principle doesn’t matter.

Honor doesn’t matter.

Mocking the flag matters and the talking heads at nearly all the liberal press and media outlets agree that it is OK to mock the flag.

The knee is something to be accepted, endorsed, praised even as expressing the right kind of sentiment about the freedoms we all enjoy.

The owners take a knee with their players to protect their investments – not as a profile in courage.

Advertisers also hold their breath or feign agreement with the knee as though mocking the flag improves us as a people considerably, and if everyone can be gotten to agree, then more advertising will be sold at higher prices.

Taking the knee will not last.

Americans will grow tired of it.

They already have.



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