Islam on Trial When ISIS Murderers, Rapists, Slave Keepers Brought to Justice

The United Nations is in full swing to arrest and to bring to trial ISIS murderers, rapists and slave keeping jihadists for crimes against humanity.

Islam will finally be put on trial when these butchers and jihadists slaughtering in the name of Allah are finally brought to justice for their crimes.

The genocidal lunatic fringe of the Muslim world has carried out incredible obscenities and atrocities during the past five years.

In Iraq, in Afghanistan, throughout Europe, in Great Britain, in the United States and in Australia, among many other nations and states, ISIS jihadists have managed to turn the world upside down.

The notion that Islam is all powerful is not theirs alone — that one needn’t be a member of ISIS to believe in jihad with the West — and this will be proven if and when the United Nations starts trying the murderers before an international court of law.

“Finally, we have a coordinated effort to bring ISIS to justice,” said Amal Clooney, who is acting as legal counsel to Yazidi victims of ISIS’s crimes as reported in the Huffington Post.

For over a year, the celebrity lawyer wife of Hollywood icon George Clooney has advocated for a UN investigation in ISIS crimes and for prosecutions before international courts.

The United Nations has launched an international investigation into the crimes of the so-called Islamic State.

In doing so, the U.N. sends a message to ISIS terrorists that if they commit genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity, they will be put on trial. And it tells victims that they may finally have their day in court.

Security Council Resolution 2379 was spearheaded by the U.K. government and passed unanimously by the council’s 15 members.

It establishes a U.N. investigative team, led by a special adviser, to collect evidence of ISIS’s crimes in Iraq.

This evidence can then be used in trials against ISIS militants around the world.

The resolution is a rare show of unity for the council and provides a global response to ISIS that extends beyond the battlefield to include a commitment to punishing individuals through the courts.

It is a major victory for ISIS victims, who have bravely campaigned for justice and waited too long for a chance to see their tormentors in the dock.

This turn of events is certain to highlight violent and deadly Islamic jihadist acts throughout the world — and not just by ISIS.

Inevitably, the international courts trying such cases will be forced to deal with the harsh realities of Islamic jihad, which is a way of life believed in by millions of Islamics and not just ISIS members.

Clooney representing the Yazidis will give her a special insight to the tortured souls of Islamic jihadists and their victims.

The Yazidis are unique because they don’t have a written religion or a book to follow — and yet they go back several thousand years.

They are neither Christian nor Muslim.

ISIS considers them the worst type of infidel.

The U.N. team established by the Security Council is to work alongside Iraqi prosecutors and judges to gather evidence for use in trials that respect international standards of due process, whether in Iraq or abroad.

Although many ISIS fighters have been killed in Iraq, thousands have been arrested there and many more can be detained as additional evidence is gathered.

Some of ISIS’s foreign fighters are returning to their home countries and could be prosecuted there, too. New evidence can also help the International Criminal Court, which has jurisdiction over ISIS fighters who are nationals of any of the 124 countries which are members of the court.





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