Hook Line, and Sinker, All the Press Takes President’s Bait

Lost in the furious and seemingly endless national debate about the flag and the knees taken is this — President Trump has once again shown an uncanny ability to dominate and to control the national media.

He puts the bait on the line and the national media follows by swallowing it.

The net result — President Trump dominates the landscape of America and larger parts of the world.

Watching America convulse at home and away is the hallmark of the administration’s ability to dominate the news.

President Trump controls the national media’s response to nearly every assertion he makes.

At the beginning of the weekend, asserting that football professionals taking knees before the national anthem should be fired, he understood the consequences clearly.

The firestorm he kindled erupted — and the nation’s preoccupation once again was its president, Donald Trump.

It was also — whether President Trump cared or wanted — was another opportunity about the national debate about race and culture and about professional football’s ability to frame the issues with knees taken or arms wrapped around one another while the national anthem is played.

Everyone is involved in this — veterans, liberals, conservatives, young and old, even those who care nothing for football.

And so it went and has continued for days, the endless and heightened debate by a nation at odds with itself.

The debate has bled into the new week — and Tuesday — has not yet subsided — nor will it as the president has learned how to use the press.

The press has fallen over itself once again to wipe nearly everything having meaning and wrapping it up into one story — that we are a racist nation state, that athletes taking knees teaches us a lesson about America and that that lesson is important and compelling.

Not everyone buys into this.

The knee has become the thing about obsession.

The flag is again an issue or made an issue although those protesting with their knees say the flag isn’t the issue, it is simply part of the obsession.

Not everyone cares.

The media blitz and round condemnation of the president appears orchestrated and demonic with all the same excuses articulated by the left — we need to look at ourselves (as though we don’t), we need to punish ourselves (because we should hate ourselves), we are all guilty of racism (show me an American and I’ll show you a racist) and it is racism that is destroying the nation (and President Trump is causing all of this).

Challenge the flag.

This is good.

Demean the flag; this should be standard practice (who cares about a flag being demeaned).

The national press’ obsession with taking down the president is bleeding into sports culture now.

The sports culture has morphed into political culture.

Now we are who read are forced to understand the meanderings of sports writers now pontificating about politics, the flag and the meaning of the knee taken.

Political culture will never be the same as a result.

Let’s face it, sports is more important than politics to the average American.

Americans by and large, nearly the entire population from coast to coast should be toasting the success of national sports and its ability to integrate itself, which it did decades ago, for the stars of color and ethnicity to become national icons in what is described as a racist society.

This is an achievement for the nation and for those playing the sport of football — and every professional sport.

The national press can condemn the president all it wants — and it does just that.

President Trump’s ability to call attention to racism and reverse racism and reverse criticism and liberal epithets of every kind is uncanny.

It is wondrous how he puts the bait out and the national press eats it, and gets hooked on it to the point of obsession.

It is an extraordinary power to be the most talked about leader in the world.






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