Trump’s Culture War Takes Over Sports?

CNN this morning raised the absurdity of its pro-left everything all the time profile and persona by printing this headline for all its viewers to exult in.

“Trump’s culture war takes over sports.”

CNN’s effrontery, CNN’s hostility for everything perceived as American, CNN’s daily and nightly race bating and magnification of the racial divide, leads to many places.

This now includes and highlights professional football, which President Trump aimed at this weekend with Tweets and comments about how he, and millions of others don’t appreciate professional football players humiliating our nation’s heritage by taking knees during the national anthem.

The president’s gripe is legitimate in every way and certainly open for discussion.

CNN, however, now lumps together the hatred for America expressed by our football players, nearly all of whom are privileged top 1 per centers, living the great life in America, but getting very serious about how bad America is, how unfair it is, how wrong it is by taking knees during the national anthem.

Trump’s culture war is not taking over sports.

Hubris is taking over sports.

Athletes who have everything now yearn to be political shields for their own agenda.

They have, overnight, become a bit more like movie stars who self-flagellate whenever they are together on camera all the time every time.

As for Trump’s culture war taking over sports there are perils here but not for Trump.

He remains true to himself at all times by deflecting such charges in his effort to reorder and to delegitimize the politically correct notions causing our nation to lose its way.

The legislative logjam and inertia in Washington DC did not begin with the President.

It will not end with President Trump.

Arguing against America’s goodness in public before millions doesn’t empower freedom as much as it besmirches it.

Posturing endlessly against the notion and the belief that the United States of America is a good and decent place where the rule of law (not Sharia law) protects our population has now diseased the professional football field and will ultimately spread to other sports.

American football fans — who by the way regard themselves as modern day gladiators — are too pre-occupied by the game and the stars to be moved much politically by anything they have to say.

Professional football owners banding together to denounce the president as though he is an idiot for arguing against the players they own taking knees should know better.

What goes around in this nation often comes around.

Politics doesn’t mix with sports very well.

It is attempting to mix right now and in such a way that America’s reputation, by and large, is suffering for it.

No professional football player took a knee for the 600,000 Syrians slaughtered in their civil war or for the 6 million exiled.

No professional football player took a knee when we failed to do anything meaningful about North Korea’s ability to nuclear bomb us.

No knees have been taken for dead in Yemen, Iraq,  or the Sudan where millions have perished in a genocide that goes unreported.

Not a knee was taken for the 3 million Puerto Rican Americans who are now living without electricity and fresh water on an island almost completely devastated by hurricanes.

Not one knee was taken for those who were slaughtered around the nation in ISIS sponsored attacks because we struggle against what we know is right to treat Islamic terrorism the same way as all Islamic people.

These millionaire football players ought to learn more about how to play the game than to make public political statements which are better left off the field.

What about CNN?

CNN should leave their bias out of their news reports.

CNN needs to just report the news, not throw gasoline on the fire by asserting the impossible – that President Trump is fueling a culture war.

All he’s doing is questioning and speaking out about our politically correct society that has crippled us.

Professional football players taking knees would instantly stop taking knees if their owners told them if they bring politics into the dressing room and onto the field, they will be fired or penalized.

Do this, and for nearly every knee taken, there will be no more knees taken.

People paying $500 for a professional football game are distracted by politics playing on the football field.

At a time when NFL viewership is falling, the NFL standing up for the politically correct hurts itself as much as the players taking knees who do nothing for the sport.








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