Will the World Do Anything to Stop North Korea from Exploding a Hydrogen Bomb Above the Pacific?

North Korea’s threat, probably more rhetoric than threat, to explode a hydrogen bomb overt the Pacific as a response to American bellicosity should do more than produce a shrug — even from those who loath President Trump.

As this crisis — whether real or imagined — evolves, the North Koreans continue to play the nuclear as no other responsible nuclear power pretends to do.

This is the problem, more so than President Trump’s rhetoric or Kim Jong-un’s response.

Now comes the report this morning that France may skip the 2018 Olympics in South Korea over the nuclear threat.

Olympic participant nations are wondering if they can be safe sending their teams to South Korea for the next round of the games.

Is this a valid concern or the ultimate sign of the world wearing blinders when facing a danger that is certain about which the world will do nothing to eradicate.

The French are the ideal conduit for an ongoing hypocrisy that makes so little sense.

French athletes will be in danger in South Korea, they surmise.

In some very genteel circles this is good thinking, sound policy thinking.

But will the French team be in danger wherever a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile loaded with a miniaturized hydrogen bomb can be shot and directed?

Or will the team only be in danger if it is sent to South Korea to compete.

The French response gives new meaning to the word ludicrous and makes of French officials a case that they are as deranged as the North Koreans are trying to make of President Trump.

In fact, the entire situation is about world derangement and irresponsibility in the face of certain and growing overt danger.

With North Korean nuclear bombs aimed wherever and deliverable we, the world, that is China, America, Russia and all the great nations and the nuclear nations are concerned, but not about solving the problem.

We are almost paralyzed by an unwillingness to act, do what is necessary to eliminate the problem.

Far better to live with the problem until it grows or until a nuclear bomb is dropped somewhere changing the direction of mankind on this earth for decades to come than to take action to eliminate the threat.

This seems to be the overriding concern unless there is a hidden solution somewhere to be found before it is too late.

In the old days, the nuclear umbrella for everyone holding them was to keep one another in a stand-off position because to use them was two-side, all sided destruction.

This is not so with North Korea.

This is why the North Korean nuclear threat is real.

This is why the North Korean threat to explode a hydrogen bomb in the atmosphere over the Pacific should be stopped at all costs.

The French are worried about their Olympic Team’s safety in South Korea?








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