Kim Kardashian Wonders Aloud When She’ll Stop Posing Nude

Call it one of the monumental questions of this nascent era.

How long will Kim Kardashian continue posing nude to make millions and when will she stop posing nude?

These are the questions that try our souls.

Step aside, North Korea, ISIS, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Islamic terrorism, hate for America by Iran, Islam. and others.

Kim Kardashian has spoken up about posing nude.

She said she might pose nude for another ten years but doesn’t really know.

She just knows there is a time to stop posing nude — and for her, she estimates, it could be a decade away.

Those of us who always look forward to Kardashian posing nude or posing nude and acting for whatever reason — whether on her infamous sex tape which catapulted her to American stardom some years back or just out for a walk with her breasts revealed and her posterior shown off like a giant rounded lump of firm flesh and muscle — she captivates the American audience.

The standard younger American audience ennobling the actions of this ubiquitous reality television star and mogul cannot get enough of her — naked or otherwise.

She told a French media outlet this week as well as in published comments in a magazine.

“I’m like, I’m going to tone it down,” the reality star told Allure magazine in an article published Monday. “But then I’m like, wait, I can’t be doing it in 10 years, so — I might as well. I don’t know what the age cutoff is.”

This is wonderful news, better than government wiretapped and recorded private conversations with former presidential campaign leader Paul Manafort or anything Special Prosecutor Richard Mueller can come up with.

One perceives the beginning of a philosophy here, or part of a new social contract Kardashian is writing for large following of the faithful.

The real question, the compelling question is this: what will America and the world do when Kardashian stops getting naked for her audience?

How will we deal with this at the end of the ten-year period of nudity and nakedness Kardashian has promised us?

Other questions about her nudity abound.

Is it just nudity for the sake of making millions?

Or is it nudity as self-expression and feminist will?

Next one expected for Kardashian to confront is materialism.

She is not wanting to raise her children in such a way that they are tainted by materialism.

“We don’t do gifts,” she said. “Kanye and I talk about it all the time, about not getting too much and trying to be as grounded and well-rounded as possible.”

Nudity, materialism. Whatever it is she talks about or whatever fantasy she acts out fascinates the world addicted to celebrity and the rich.

Just because she says she won’t be taking off her clothes doesn’t mean anything will substantially change about Kardashian at the end of another decade.

After all, she will remain herself — which implies that there’s lots more Kim Kardashian to come — even when the nudity is gone.










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