All Signs Point to Another Senate Vote on Repealing Obamacare; What will Senator John McCain Do This Time?

We don’t pretend to be insiders about senate doings here at Respvblica.

We do, whoever, understand human nature, and we believe, better than most of the talking heads in the liberal media and in the conservative media.

Those of us not driven by dogma understand this — Senator John McCain is believed to be the difference in the upcoming vote that will again captivate those believing that government matters.

His deciding vote is a question mark for many leading pundits and the political desk paid liberal journalists and on air folks at CNN.

They were all wondering this morning, as Respvblica is wondering aloud.

How will Senator McCain vote?

What will he do when he casts it?

Will it be another thumbs down as he weeks back when the first vote failed on the basis of his vote?

The answer to this is a not so startling or unexpected yes.

He may not do a thumbs down, but he will vote against repealing Obamacare.


Because he was so badly insulted by President Trump during the campaign that to vote for this initiative without an apology, and a public one at that = something greater than a tweet — Senator McCain will be General Douglas MacArthur’s old soldier who never dies but who just fades away.

But not without a final bang.

The second McCain no vote will be all about anti-climax even though his close supporter and friend Senator Lindsey Graham, who sometimes makes great sense, is leading the pack in this effort.

McCain publicly insists that the Senate needs to be discussing the measure, creating amendments to it and voting on them.

In other words he decries the secrecy with which this vote is being manufactured for a second round.

He understands, as an old warrior, that this new measure isn’t a bit better than the first measure to fail the Senate.

He will vote against the measure… unless the president apologizes, and then maybe the gentleman from Arizona troubled by the brain cancer that is going to likely finish him off, might reconsider.

Without an alternative, however, Senator McCain will do the right thing — which to vote nay.


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