“Trump Supporters are Cave Dwellers,” Says the Governor of California

Hilary Clinton called Trump’s supporters “deplorables.”

The Governor of California called them cave dwellers yesterday.

In remarks he made at a climate change event in New York City coinciding with this week’s big United Nations meeting.

Brown’s name calling of Trump supporters runs contrary to his belief that President Trump is out of sorts referring to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un by calling him a name.

Yesterday President Trump labeled Kim “Rocket Man,” referring to the dictator for his interest in experimenting with inter continental ballistic missiles that might well reach the United States — or in their present incarnation, can certainly reach Japan and the Island of Guam which we own.

On the one hand Brown’s remarks are whimsical, even humorous.

On the other, they are hurtful and insulting not exactly similar to those made by the president about Kim.

Yet Brown is able to see some sort of distinction between his name calling of Trump supporters and President Trump’s name-calling of Kim.

Name calling is name calling any way one wishes to perceive it.

And when you get right down to it, which is worse?

The governor of California calling Trump supporters cave dwellers or the president calling the dictator Un, Rocket Man?

Social aesthetes might conclude that the pot is calling the kettle black in this instance.

Brown’s comments are more highly charged and insulting than the president’s by a wide margin.

His comments are exclusive and show how those who don’t think like Brown are relegated to a position of being unthinking or otherwise idiotic — like cave men eating raw meat inside a stone habitat somewhere in the mountains.

This is the most prevalent form of liberalism acting like the modern Nazis.

If you don’t think like Governor Brown, if you don’t vote like Governor Brown, if you don’t speak like Governor Brown you are an idiot.

If you support President Trump, you are a cave dweller.

“You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves,” Brown said yesterday in New York City.

“President Trump is the null hypothesis, which he’s proven,” Brown added. “Everything he’s doing is … stupid and dangerous and silly. I mean, come on, really, calling the North Korean dictator ‘Rocket Man’? …He is accelerating the reversal through his own absurdity.”

So it was okay for Governor Brown to call millions of the president’s supporters cave dwellers but it isn’t okay for the president to call Kim Jong-un, Rocket Man.

I’ll take the president’s humorous assignation for Un over the California governor’s insulting and divisive comment about Trump supporters.



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