Are the Palestinians Being Educated for “Peace”?

American Jews are terrified by “The rise of anti-Semitism in Donald Trump’s America,” asking, “Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country?” At the same time, and stretching back many years, Israeli-Palestinian “peace” has been a major priority, for “Israel is doomed unless it makes peace with the Palestinians.”

While there is endless embarrassment caused by the “extreme” Netan’yahu government, there seems to be limitless optimism as to the good will of Palestinian leadership.

J Street’s CEO Jeremy Ben-Ami has proclaimed, “There is a leader in Rāmallāh… who believes in a two-state solution, and who recognizes the State of Israel.” Surely, Palestinians, to mix the best of metaphors, are eager to cast from their backs the cross of endless war with the Jews after so many decades of death. Undoubtedly, as Na’omi Chazan, president of the New Israel Fund (NIF) has said on J Street’s YouTube channel, “The current leadership… of the Palestinian Authority and of the PLO are… actually the… most amenable group of leaders that Israel has had to achieve this solution. They are committed to a two-state solution, they are committed to negotiated [sic] a settlement, they represent the bulk of the Palestinian people, and they want to make a deal.”

It is bizarre, then, that the leader in Rāmallāh should have plainly told his own government’s TV channel that “…[W]e refuse to recognize a Jewish state” — more than a year before Ben-Ami and Chazan’s 2012 statements, and 13 after the launching of Google.

Now, in a documentary entitled Tunisia in Palestinian Memories broadcast by official Palestinian Authority TV on September 5, a song was featured in the film referring to Israel as “the snake’s head.”

The song is sung by an elderly Tunisian journalist named Rashid al-Buka’i as well as the song’s author, an Egyptian cleric (off-camera), identified only as Sheikh Imam. The relevant text of the song, translated by Palestinian Media Watchreads:

Tunisian journalist Rashid Al-Buka’i:
“Oh Palestinians, [the Zionists]
shot you with a rifle
The Zionists kill your doves
at the holy sites.”

Writer of song Egyptian Sheikh Imam:
“Oh Palestinians,
I want to go and be with you
With fire in my hands,
and together with you my hand
will strike the snake’s head [Israel].”

This anti-Semitic song has appeared in Palestinian media a number of times before. On January 8, 2011, the song was performed live by Dalal Abu Amneh at a Fataḥ event to the applause of the very same President Mahmoud Abbas himself, as well as of other powerful P.A. officials in the audience. (It should not be forgotten that the Palestinian Authority is lavishly aided by the American taxpayer.)

Still, references to Jews as snakes are also not a Palestinian invention.

From the popular Nazi Party tabloid Der Stürmer, March 1935 (Issue 10): “Don’t Let Go!” the heading commands as a powerful, righteous Aryan hand subdues the serpentine Jew with a confident, strangling grip — “Do not grow weary, do not loosen the grip. / This poisonous serpent may not slip away, / Better that one strangles it to death / Than that our misery begin anew,” reads a verse caption. (German Propaganda Archive / Calvin College)

The Nazis went to enormous lengths to establish an ideological and political presence in the Arab world during the 1930s — courting native hatred of Jews and the Western European colonial powers. The Palestinians’ most esteemed leader at the time returned the favor generously.

The classic Nazi cartoon of the Jew as a poisonous snake on whom the superior, righteous race must keep a watchful eye — best exemplified by its early appearances in Der Stürmer — has erupted across the Arab media since the Second World War. In recent years, such images have become commonplace among popular Arab and Islamic news outlets, with no exception for the Palestinians who have used the motif regularly year after year.

Glick as a snake 131114.jpg
Cartoon published in the bi-weekly, P.A.-sponsored newspaper Al-Asimah (“The Capital”) portraying Rabbi Yehudah Glick — an activist for the right of Jews to peacefully pray at the Temple Mount — as a snake while terrorist and Palestinian Islamic Jihād member Mutaz Hijazi, who attempted to murder Rabbi Glick on October 29, 2014, is seen trying to strangle Rabbi Glick while saying, “You make me mad!” — November 13, 2014. (Al-Asimah / Palestinian Media Watch)

For the Nazis, just as their Arab and Muslim protégés, the objective is to condition the consumers of such media to take for granted the evil nature and racial inferiority of the Jews; and just as Arab media is mimetic of Nazi anti-Semitism, so is their solution:

The readily-accessible existence of all this material is proof that J Street and their “pro-peace” Jewish and Western ilk are far more concerned with their own virtuous self-image than with the facts which irritate the image of courageous Palestinian leadership, open to peace in the face of decades of brutally “disproportionate” bombing and “daily humiliations” at the hands of Israel.

If Jews are frozen granite-hard with fear at the site of several hundred degenerate neo-Nazis in Charlottesville — the supposed Trump “base” — then why are millions of Arabs and Muslims living within and around the Jewish State, indoctrinated in Nazi-style imagery and proud of their ancient anti-Jewish racism, supposedly so innocuous?

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