London Terrorist Bombing of Subway Leads to Arrest; Condemnation of Trump


An alleged terrorist with ties to the subway bombing in England Friday is apparently being held in a lockup in Dover, England, about 80 miles Southeast of London.

Meanwhile, a giant investigation and sweep of England’s terrorist dens is being carried out by police in the belief there is a second bomb waiting to be detonated.

The London Underground station in Parsons Green where an improvised device exploded on a train during the Friday morning rush hour reopened early Saturday.

The device went off while the train was stopped at the southwest London station, injuring at least 29 people.

UK authorities raised the national threat level from “severe” to “critical,” meaning an attack is expected imminently, largely due to the fact that the bomb was exploded with the use of a timer.

This indicates a nuance to the general use by Muslim terrorists of suicide bombers or car and truck rammers.

While British authorities are withholding the identity of the alleged terrorist, ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the attack.

President Trump’s early morning Tweet Friday indicating he believed this incident was caused by a Muslim terrorist has caused a near apoplectic response from the liberal media and the politically correct.

On CNN, hours were spent Friday evening; more time than was spent discussing the bombing, on the president’s Tweet on that media outlet.

CNN is the example by which political correctness is exhibited everyday to the world in their presentation of the news.

Donald Trump Tweet following London Bombing Septemeber 15th
Donald Trump’s tweet following the terror attack on Parsons Green in London got more media attention than the attack itself.

Endless discussions about the president’s irresponsible behavior outdistanced all rational discussion of the bombing event – which ISIS has claimed responsibility for.

The shock and amazement and analysis of the television talking heads on CNN dominated the newscasts there for about 4 hours – and the North Korean flyover of an intercontinental ballistic missile rated less than 1/8 the time of discussion compared with the president’s Tweet.


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