Tehran Pays $830 Million to Ḥizbu’llāh

The Jerusalem Post has reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran — which exceeds Saudi Arabia as the world’s most powerful sponsor of terrorism — has more than quadrupled its pet terrorist organization Ḥizbu’llāh’s salary.

“Two years after the nuclear deal was signed by Iran and world powers, the Islamic Republic is reported to have boosted its financial support to Hezbollah to $800 million a year, a dramatic increase from the $200m. it was said to be giving its proxy when sanctions were in place,” writes Anna Ahronheim. A more exact figure is $830 million.

The report continues:

According to IDF assessments, while Hezbollah has increased its military capabilities due to its fighting in Syria, the group has spread its troops across the entire Middle East and is hurting financially.

The finances of the Lebanese Shi’ite group, designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by dozens of countries around the globe, …has been hit hard due to years of sanctions by the United States.

In June, a US congressional committee met to discuss enhancing sanctions targeting Hezbollah met with four security experts for advice on additional legal actions against the group’s financial network.

According to the committee, the 2015 Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act (HIPA), which threatens sanctions against anyone who finances the group in any significant way, was a good start but needs enhancing because Hezbollah continues to remain a significant threat to Israel.

Iran also is reported to be spending hundreds of millions of dollars for its militias in Syria and Iraq, as well as supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen who are fighting pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition.

Although HIPA placed major restrictions and other measures of the Lebanese banking sector, lawmakers in Washington believe it needs to be widened to cripple the group, which is involved in fighting in those countries.

Tehran froze its financial relationship with the Sunnī Palestinian terrorist group Ḥamās in 2012, after the group refused to support Bashar al-Assad of Syria; however, Iran has now reversed its policy, and is transferring between $60 and $70 million to the Gazah-based gang for its war against Israel.

In August, Ḥamās leader Yahyah Sinwar said that Iran is now “the largest backer financially and militarily” of Ḥamās.

Israel today is surrounded by what is known as the “Shi‘ite Crescent,” a giant stretch of Iran-controlled territory sprawling from Lebanon to Yemen. As Bin’yamin Netan’yahu warned Congress in his famous speech on March 3, 2015, “In the Middle East, Iran now dominates four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. And if Iran’s aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow.”

Iran’s payments to Ḥizbu’llāh are only the first stage of an impending Third World War.

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