Palestinian Authority News Site Uses Holocaust-Era Photograph to Incriminate Israel

According to Elder of Ziyon, the Palestinian Authority outlet Al-Quds used a photograph of the aftermath of a 1945 British bombing raid on a military barracks in Nordhausen, Germany to illustrate a controversial Israeli massacre of Arab workers from eleven years later.

This instance of Palestinian media dishonesty mat never come to light without the sleuthing of a private Facebook user. On September 14, Tomer Ilan posted that he had found an Al-Quds article dated October 29, 2016 which featured the photograph in a piece commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the 1956 Kafr Qasim massacre.

He wrote,

Palestinian Media falsely presents Holocaust images as images from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. My research has revealed dozens of cases in which Palestinian and Arab publications, including mainstream newspapers, are publishing images of World War 2 Nazi concentration camps falsely labeling them as events that occurred in the Middle East conflict.

In one example, the article below was published in Al Quds, a major Palestinian newspaper in Jerusalem on 29 October 2016. The caption under the image reads “Kafr Kassem Massacre”. The image itself was photographed in Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp in Nordhausen, Germany on 12 April 1945. This is an outrageous vile deception and a form of Holocaust denial.

In other cases I found the same image presented in Arab media as events/massacres in Deir Yassin (Israel), Sabra and Shatila (Lebanon), Bahr Bakr (Egypt), Tel Zaatar (Lebanon)

***We cannot remain silent while this deception and holocaust desecration is happening ***

Historical background:

The Kafr Qasim massacre took place in the Israeli Arab village of Kafr Qasim on October 29, 1956. 48 Arab civilians returning from work during a curfew were killed by Israeli Border Police.

Mittelbau-Dora was a German Nazi concentration camp located near Nordhausen in Thuringia, Germany. It was established in late summer 1943 as a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp. Inmates were Jews, Roma and people from almost all countries of Europe. On 11 April 1945, US troops freed the remaining prisoners. 11,089 people died at Mittelbau-Dora.

The aftermath of the British bombing raid of April 3 – 4, 1945 which destroyed the Boelcke-Kaserne (Boelcke Barracks) located in the town of Nordhausen, killing approximately 1,300 inmates; the barracks were a subcamp of the Mittelbau-Dora Nazi concentration camp, used as an overflow camp for sick and dying prisoners — April 12, 1945. (National Archives)

The photograph in question depicts rows of prisoners of the Gestapo concentration camp Mittelbau-Dora accidentally killed in an April 3 – 4, 1945 RAF bombing raid, the bodies rotting by the time the photograph was taken on April 12.

The Kafr Qasim massacre is still an immensely controversial event among historians, with many genuinely believing that the Israeli border patrol agents shot too soon.

Even President Re’uven Riv’lin called the massacre “a serious crime” on its anniversary in 2014.

Nevertheless, Al-Quds’ use of the photograph is yet another instance of casual, fraudulent journalism being used for anti-Semitic purposes.

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