[OPINION] Meaning of President Trump’s Reaching Out to Democrats Lost on Haters of President

Official Washington and the liberal press are baffled, almost to the point of bewilderment by President Trump’s new strategy of using Democrats instead of Republicans to get what he wants.

Or maybe it should be described as using Democrats to warn Republicans that the president can achieve what he wants without his own party unanimously agreeing to this.

It is called the art of the deal – and the president knows something about this art.

The president’s salient, which came to light recently in two instances – the Hurricane budget funding for FEMA as part of a deal not to shut down the government, and the recent DACA move, which solidified new moves on the immigration front and possible legislative moves regarding tax reform.

These moves are all about the art of the deal as the president wrote about it in his book.

The liberal media has been stunned into a near submission by these two presidential policy moves.

The reflexive response has been to make the claim that Republicans are going to desert the president because he’s made deals that work with the Democrats.

But this isn’t going to happen.

The president gains what he wants from the Democrats and raises the standing of his party by doing so.

It is as simple as that.

Such assertions that making deals with Democrats hurts the president or his party show blatantly and transparently how skewered the liberal press’ description of the president’s actions can be.

Yesterday, Senator Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, who met with the president over a luncheon of Chinese food at the White House two days ago, were glowing.

Schumer especially, who said without knowing he was speaking into an open microphone: “He likes us.”

We haven’t spoken with the president.

But reaching over the aisle to produce a yes, as he wants as it used to be Washington politics 101 at its best.

The incomprehensibility of the president’s reach out to the other side marks the beginning of a new era during a contentious time when the politically correct policies of liberal America have collided with the conservative overtones of the Republicans and those who support them.

This weeks extraordinary reach out by the president was debunked by the liberal press as disturbing to Republicans and likely to cause the party to split.

The president’s strategy was simple and tried and true.

It is called Machiavellian – dividing your enemies in order to conquer them.

The liberal press won’t divulge that these two remarkable actions this week marked the beginning of the president’s effort to rule the nation and to unite it.

To do so would mark the end of an era for the liberal press.

What the president did is the beginning of getting things done in Washington – something not achieved meaningfully for many, many years.

It is something thought impossible.

Talk about the art of making a deal!


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