North Korea Tells U.N. Where to Go; Launches Another Missile Over Japan

North Korea launched another intercontinental ballistic missile yesterday and American defense authorities were apparently checking out data to learn more about it.

South Korea, by its sown admission, launched two missiles into the sea as retaliation.

The United States condemned the missile launch.

The Chinese, in their public statements, continued to insist this is our problem, not theirs.

North Korea’s dictator and leader Kim Jong-un said yesterday again he would incinerate Japan and South Korea and the United States with hydrogen bombs launched atop of his missiles.

The Unites States has called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council for today — Friday.

Meanwhile, in London there was a terrorist scare in the subway system that emptied it — and then there came the warning from North Korea that London could be reached with its atomic bomb loaded missiles.

The irony of the situation with Great Britain magnifies the troubling actions of the North Koreans with the absence of any meaningful response from the United States and its allies.

Former United States U.N. Ambassador John Bolton cautioned against trying to solve the North Korea problem with sanctions, especially with those not working in any meaningful way.

The sanctions placed upon the North Koreans earlier this week had no effect whatsoever on North Korea’s leader except to hurry the launch of yet another missile.

Sanctions against North Korea’s economy are a “waste of time,” Bolton warned on FOX’s America’s Newsroom today on September 7.

“It’s not really an economy, it’s a prison camp,” the former ambassador to the United Nations said, adding that the North Korean government does not care about the quality of life of its citizens.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also opined that sanctions “of any kind” would be “useless and ineffective.”



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