[Opinion] Russia can Invade European Nations; But Cannot Control the Citizens

Western concerns about Russia’s military efforts in places like Crimea, Ukraine and now possibly in Belarus all lack one major thought — the absolute impossibility that Russian rule over these places can succeed for very long or at all.

Russia can attempt to invade whomever they wish in their backyard — and it is likely they might do so in the absence of an American Empire that has fallen asleep to such a new reality in Europe.

Russia can invade but it cannot control peoples’ minds.

This is where the Russians lose sight with a harsh new reality about the world that has come to be even in their backyard.

People everywhere on the planet have a raised consciousness, more information from the Internet and their cell phones, and a greater capability to express themselves than ever before.

An Iron Curtain cannot be pulled down over Europe again in a stale repeat of the last century’s Soviet playbook.

The Russians can invade but they can’t control the hearts and minds of people who have awakened.

Free people will not be easily subjugated by Russians throughout Europe ever again.

First, there aren’t enough Russians to control Europe the way they did it 50 years ago.

Second, efforts at exerting such control will fail miserably as people simply won’t stand for it or line up willingly for it.

Gorilla efforts against any such Russian intrusions are doomed to inevitable failure because the Russians don’t have enough troops or resources to contain the millions of people who they once controlled with an iron fist.

The Russians as the modern Nazis won’t work.

Slave camps won’t work.

The gulag archipelago can’t be brought back to life any more than the United States can be expected to become a slave keeper democracy again.

Russian designs on controlling and occupying Europe are a dream that cannot come to life.

Millions of people just won’t stand for it and therefor, Russian invasion cannot sustain itself in the modern world.

History repeats itself.

But history is always idiosyncratic.

In the case of the Western world worrying about a Russian takeover of Europe — an invasion or whatever… Europeans can be assured of this:

The Russians can posture as the world power they used to be.

But Russian dominance will not happen, ever again — and if it does — it cannot last long enough to become a part of history.

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