Israeli Sheikh: Allāh Sent Hurricane Harvey to Punish America

In a recent Friday sermon, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, Deputy Leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, proclaimed that Allāh (the Merciful, the Compassionate) had set Hurricane Harvey upon the United States in punishment for her offenses against those who submit to the Law of the Prophet, and to feel the suffering endured by Muslims across the globe.

“It is strange that at a time when the Rohingya people [the Muslim minority of Myanmar] were drowning in swamps and rivers…” the excitable cleric said, “At exactly the same time, there was the flood in Houston.”

“I’m talking about the flood in America, which hit Houston and Texas, and wreaked havoc by the order of Allah. Oh, Allah increase [Your punishment] of the oppressors,” he continued.

He went on to imply that Allāh had wrought these disasters to inflict the same pain suffered by Muslims, the Rohingya in particular, upon America.

The sheikh also implied Schadenfreude at the sight of non-photogenic Americans trapped in the flood waters of Houston — “These people do not look attractive. Their women look poor. They do not look like Ivanka,” he joked.

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