Sanders to Introduce Single Payer Health Care Bill; Democrats lining up behind it

One of our pet peeves here at Respvblica is the national governments’ ability to waste our time and theirs by doing nothing about the great and minor issues of the day.

The national government is seen by as not including the executive branch, which today is the liveliest and most controversial voice for change operating in our nation.

Reports throughout the media world this morning touting Sander’s plan were all perfunctory.

At we thought their explanation of Sander’s initiative was problematic – not because they covered the breaking news but because of how they covered it.

Their coverage is a reflection of the liberal press and its overriding concern with packaging the news to reflect their political views in order to propagate them among the American masses.

On Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders will introduce a new version of his long-standing proposal to provide “Medicare for All,” creating single-payer health insurance system that ends the private insurance industry as we know it, Politico published this morning.


Sander’s bid for single payer health insurance is a train wreck given the split nature of our Congress and Senate.

Sander’s plan is a bold faced effort to have Medicare for all – a bold faced effort to sink private industry and to sink again the national government with a national health care insurance plan it can not afford and which it cannot manage or maintain.

Many Americans support a single player plan.

Respvblica would support this if – and this is the big if – if and only if private industry is unable to come up with competitive health care insurance plans which provide to every American exactly what they need and in such a way that the plans work.

“Too complex,” we hear the Democrats and Republicans complain.

“Health care insurance is simply too complex an issue to be able to resolve,” our leadership believes.

During the recent debate about repealing Obamacare, Senator Mitch McConnell was asked why the Senate didn’t do away with the health insurance provided to senators and to the congress and to government employees, which is free and the best in the nation – unlike what citizens receive.

“Too complex. It isn’t as simple as it looks to take this away,” he seemed to say.

“It’s a procedural thing. Very complex to move around or to do away with.”

So it remains.

As long as this situation remains, the divide between those seeking single payer health insurance provided by the government or similar programs provided by private industry will be doomed to the trash bin of poor public policy.

Why? Because no one trusts a government that cares of itself better than it cares for its citizens.

Politico went even one step further into the theater of the absurd.

Politico wrote this morning that the Democratic Party being the party of single payer health insurance is a big mistake.


“There are more pressing issues to confront.”

Talk about irony.

What is more pressing than affordable, working, profitable health care insurance delivery systems and programs for all Americans crying out for them?

Trangender rights? Same sex marriage? Denouncing white supremacists? Worrying about climate change?


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