Trump explored real estate Deal in Russia; so what?


A new document has surfaced revealing that President Donald Trump, before he was president, was attempting a real estate deal for his company in Russia which failed long before the end of his campaign.

Considered a revelation by CNN reporters Gloria Borger and Marshall Cohen, the document apparently spells out the vagueries of the deal that didn’t go through which would have enriched Trump by $4 million dollars and allowed him to name the spa after his daughter Ivanka in the hotel to be located in Moscow.

Trump would not have owned the hotel. Rather, his name would have been affixed to the hotel in what has become Trump’s trademark – selling his name for money to enhance real estate developers seeking it.

The 17 page internal Trump Organization document shows the hotel would have been located in Central Moscow.

Trump didn’t mention the failed potential deal during the campaign, perceived as some kind of latent crime by the talking heads posing as reporters at CNN.

A Google search reveals a five star Hilton Hotel in central Moscow, the Marriott Moscow is also in the center of the city, as well a half dozen other American hotel chains, and hotels as well owned by companies based in a dozen nations in Europe and around the world.

Trump speaking positively about Russia has been perceived as a possible crime by CNN and many other liberal news outlets.

His favorable comments about Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin have also been perceived as slights or something possibly tainted with illegality to the American Empire Trump now leads.

Special Prosecutor Richard Meuller is heading up a talented team of Democratic lawyers in an attempt to get to the bottom of Trump’s relationship with Russia and Russia’s role in the presidential election and trying to tip it toward Trump.

According to the document obtained by CNN, Trump World Tower Moscow would have featured about 250 luxury condominium units, 15 floors of hotel rooms, as well as space for commercial properties and offices.

In addition, if the parties reached a formal licensing deal, the Trump Organization would have received $4 million in upfront payments, including $1 million right away, according to the document. Another $1 million was slated for when a building location was approved, and the remaining $2 million would’ve been paid out when construction began or two years after the contract was signed — whichever came first.

Trump’s company would have received a cut of the profits from sales of condominiums and commercial space. There was a decreasing scale for what percentage of the condo sales the company would receive, based on the price of the unit. The scale started with getting 5% of condos costing up to $100,000, according to the CNN report.

From the Russian it is alleged that the idea was to do business with Trump, to make a lot of money and to have better relations.

What, I wonder, would have been illegal about this?

And for the sake of honesty, the writer’s family lived in Russia for about 800 years before immigrating to America in 1885.






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