9/11 comes and goes during this, the 16th year of our discontent

It is the age of wonder. It is the age of discontent. It is the age when everything about our world turned upside down.

Sixteen years since 9/11 we are as a nation playing international politics we do not understand and losing wars that drained us of our free cash and our will to win.

Winning is not so important as surviving.

Our generals are politicians and our politicians are generals.

We are at one with ourselves.

We are at odds with one another.

No one wishes to rock the boat in our government.

Everything should be about undifferentiated sameness, survival, giving up and giving away rather than doing what it necessary and just.

Our enemies, those who seek war over peace, terrorism over progress, religious intolerance over the freedoms offered and supported by the United States, vastly outnumber the freedom loving nations of the world.

The age of our discontent began long before the Twin Towers came down.

The history of the world has taught since the beginning of time that timidity breeds conflict and courage often prevents it.

This iron law of history is lost in our desire to somehow ignore societal truths as though we are powerful enough by ourselves to live out our national will without our enemies attempting to destroy us.

We have been encroached upon from the outside, and now within our borders, by ideologies of hate, nuclear nations whose radical foundations doom them, and by association in this world, us, unless we remember the lessons of history.

The enemy within lives freely inside our belly — and we feel confident to treat the enemy well, to accord the enemy the advantages of our legal justice system, of our economic system of free enterprise, and to protect our enemies as we protect our own.

This is one of the wonders of our democracy.

This is one of the terrors of our world.

The destruction of the Twin Towers by the forces of darkness and evil wasn’t the beginning of the end.

It was the end of the beginning.

We need to rededicate ourselves to survival on this earth which is a cold, harsh and relentless place without us and others who have formed societies worthy of our history books.

The caveat is that the United States, and democracies like Israel, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Australia — the free nations of this world — The Western World — are largely denounced by the terrorists and radical ideologies.

The radicals are on the rise. The rogue nuclear nations like North Korea and Iran are on the rise.

We are heading in the other direction; too proud and unwitting about our own history to understand that everything in this world repeats itself for better or worse.

Those who hate us, and they are in abundance at the United Nations, cannot fathom the grandeur of what we have and what inherited from our forefathers.

Remarkably, Americans are as blind about our history as those who stand against Western Civilization.

At Respvblica we know this: 9/11 must stand for more than a moment of somber remembrance.

It must be a reflection of our willingness to sacrifice, and if necessary to beat back and into submission the corrupt forces wishing and working everyday for us to fail.

So far, we have dodged the bullet.

But 9/11 wasn’t a one-off.

It was a warning.

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