EXCLUSIVE: Crowd-Funding Service Crushes Iranian anti-Sharī‘ah Activist’s Travel Expenses Campaign

Internet monetary services continue their assault on conservatives and public figures who educate the public about the violent and non-violent Islamization of the West.

PayPal made headlines in August when it banned the donation accounts belonging to Jewish libertarian blogger Pamela Geller’s organization American Freedom Defense Initiative (ADFI), and Islam expert Robert Spencer’s site Jihad Watch. Both bloggers are fierce and well-versed decriers of Islamism.

Fortunately, the money-wiring giant later restored the accounts to full function; but such hurdles apparently have begun to hit less well-known anti-Islamist Internet figures as well.

In a Facebook Live video broadcast on the night of September 5, Iranian-born anti-Sharī‘ah activist Aynaz Anni Cyrus, a resident contributor to and producer for conservative writer Jamie Glazov’s small media company “Glazov Gang” and host of the show “The Unknown,” informed her followers that the crowd-funding service GoFundMe had effectively shut down a campaign she had set up to cover travel expenses for her September 10 – November 18 “Anti-Sharia Tour.”

“…[H]ere’s what happened,” Cyrus told her supporters in the video as she recalled the incident:

Those of you who follow my page closely might know that starting September 9… I was fortunate enough to get invited to a couple of events — as of right now there are nine of ’em that I have to attend, and, as always, I reached out to my supporters, ah, because I’m not getting paid for any of these, and I’m not even getting paid for travel costs. So, I put up a… GoFund page, um, to reach a certain goal so I could actually make it to all of these events, but I did mention even on the GoFund that no matter what, that even if I have to drive there, or — I don’t know — walk there, I will make it.

But I put up the GoFund, and, um, today, I got booked for another event, so I was excited. I log into my GoFund to put up an update… and, ah, someone who saw the campaign decided to make a donation. Then they got in touch with me, saying, “Hey,” ah, “your campaign isn’t accepting donations.”

…So I jump on my GoFund… I log in, and I’m, like, “Okay…” I try to make a donation myself and… it does say that… “There is an error with this account and we have sent an email to the organizer to tell them to log in and fix the error.”

I logged in. There’s no error. So, I reached out to their Help. Make a long story short, well, I guess, I have violated their terms of use — how, I don’t know — but I’m guessing because the name of my campaign is “Help Anni’s 2017 anti-Sharia Tour,” and also on the — on the description it says, “Help me get out there so I can tell my story and,” ah, “help stop the Islamization of the West.”

So, yeah, GoFund is not able to provide me with their services on this specific campaign because I’m just not the leftists — or a Muslim like Linda Sarsour, who’s trying to just rip people off and scam ’em.

Cyrus is blessed with a loyal Internet following, and suggestions and support were readily offered.

In the video, she gave her friends the URL to her personal PayPal account in order that they could donate to her efforts directly. Still, when supporters told her of another crowd-funding site to try called youcaring.com, some fans had difficulty donating (including to her PayPal account), though the problems seemed to be intermittent.

A screenshot shared to a comment feed on Cyrus’s Facebook page showing a “donation processing error” on her new youcaring.com campaign — September 6, 2017, 7:56 P.M. (Chrissa Callihoo / Facebook).

The relatively small size of Cyrus’s following makes it difficult to ascertain the precise reasons for why GoFundMe froze her campaign, as the outcry is not large enough to force the company to speak publicly on the subject. Though, if her assumptions are true, the injustice is quite apparent in the light of Cyrus’s biography which can be found on her personal site liveuptofreedom.com:

Lashed a total of 109 times on various occasions, raped, beaten, tortured, and a victim of numerous horrors while living under the heavy hand of Islam; Imprisoned 12 times before reaching the tender age of 14 for reasons such as singing in public and unknowingly having her hair showing under her hijab, Aynaz knows firsthand the serious plight of Muslim women living under Sharia Law. Witnessing the suicide of women who saw no hope of leaving Islam, and watching her best friend savagely sodomized by guards while in prison, she is all too familiar with the horrendous persecution endured under the cruel thumb of Islam.

Aynaz was sold into marriage at a very young age and was denied a divorce from her abusive husband simply because she was a woman. She vowed to escape and become a voice for those silent women and children living in a daily nightmare most of us could never imagine.

Finding the courage to flee her oppression, she now lives as an American citizen and has made it her life’s mission to tell everyone the truth behind the threat of Islam that political correctness and media bias ignores.

Aynaz works to protect and defend the rights of women and girls under the oppression of Sharia Law everywhere. She fights to raise awareness to their plight through informative viral videos, radio interviews, blog posts and on her “Live Up To Freedom” website.

Little known to the general public, Islamic leaders[’] main objective is to mainstream Islam and convert the United States [in]to an Islamic State. There are already people in power at the federal level with this dark and deceiving agenda. Only from Anni can you hear what mainstream media ignores. She continues to fight for truth and raise awareness with remarkable insight and a passion for the rights of those who live in fearful silence of their tormentors.

Anni’s criticism of Islam and efforts to raise awareness to the violent ideology of Islam has resulted in death threats both abroad and in the United States. However she continues her work unwavering, and remains outspoken and as courageous a lioness journeying through the Serengeti.

Based on first[-]hand knowledge and experience, she speaks out against such practices as female genital mutilation, honor killings and applications of Sharia Law that justify beating and rape.

Aynaz’s intellect and astuteness was overlooked, as a young girl in Iran, in spite of being rated as “exceptional” on a national intelligence and scholastic exam. She was denied the opportunity for high school. But through sheer drive and tenacity she did not allow that to stop her. Today she is an accomplished graphics specialist and web developer as well as a digital radio producer. In addition to her viral Facebook and YouTube videos, some of her most impressive work has been producing the online program, The Glazov Gang with Jamie Glazov. She also maintains her own online show “The Unknown” where she educates and informs all who will listen on the reality of Islam and the threats we face as Americans and defenders of Freedom. In addition to maintaining her Live Up to Freedom website, she has a regular air spot on the LUTF network. You can hear her each Saturday on the show. Check Anni’s Live Up To Freedom website, for more information on these enlightening and informative resources and more.

Cyrus poses for a selfie displaying her pride in her adopted country: “Looks like I’m offending some people here at the airport… Haha[,] just got labelled as Americanized wh***[.] Victory is mine 🇺🇸🎉❤🥇🍻 wear it proud[,]” she says in her post — March 20, 2017. (Aynaz Anni Cyrus / Facebook)
Cyrus, now 33 and living under the constant threat of death, uses her media platform to educate her fellow Americans about the gruesome theocratic dictatorship which has controlled her native Iran for nearly four decades as well as the barbarity of Sharī‘ah, but most vehemently on the inherent, violent misogyny of Islam.

Cyrus’s journey from such agony in her adolescent years to her full flowering in the sweet soil of American freedom is a symbol of hope for brutalized and enslaved men and women across the Third World — but she carries a message which corporate giants run by so-called liberals wish to suppress.

The eight events included in Cyrus’s “2017 Anti-Sharia Tour” — September 7, 2017, 8:36 P.M. (Aynaz Anni Cyrus / Facebook)

Happily, due to a combination of apparent luck and the tenacious financial support of her fans, Cyrus announced on the morning of September 9 that she was en route to the airport to fly to Toronto for the first event of her tour.

The incident which threatened to silence Anni Cyrus is likely to become only more common in the coming months and years as honest voices irritate the shady limits set by politically correct orthodoxy. And all such voices are vulnerable to effectively being cut off from fan-generated income and online promotion by Internet monopolies such as Google and PayPal. The politicization of such electronic necessities casts yet another shadow over the future of our young century.

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  1. MnCori says:

    It’s not just public figures. Trying to raise funds for our tiny grassroots anti-Sharia education group, we were also immediately shut down by gofundme & we pay as well.

    1. Ben Poser says:

      I know, but I can’t corroborate it formally, you see, because the only publicity has been around Geller and Spencer. Also, in her Facebook Live she says that she can’t start a non-profit because she then can only talk about “radical Islam” — meaning Lois Lerner will smash her door down and stick a pair of tights down her throat.

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