Is Music the Answer for Kim Jong Un?

By Charles Finch for Respvblica


For the past few weeks, I have proposed to the Trump War Room an idea for a peaceful solution in Korea, an international concert in the Korean DMZ, emceed by President Trump (surrounded by Allied troops for security) for a peaceful, demilitarized, united Korea.

The plan would be to create a spontaneous desire for the North Korean people to “attend the concert,” i.e. beat Kim Jong Eun at his own “charisma” game thru show biz.

For starters, please go to and read the Voice‘s recent comprehensive article on the Korean pop scene. A MUST READ.

The performers at our concert would unite these popular singers with world stars of the Kanye/Taylor Swift ilk to produce an event for the ages.

The Korean problem is an anthropological problem: no people on earth is as genetically locked inwards as the Korean people.

This is why, for many years. the South Korean government has sent $4.5 billion in aid to the North, no questions. asked.

You may have seen the leader board at the U.S. Women’s Open at Trump Bedminster Golf Course ”all South Korean golf stars.”

Seoul has soul and star power, not lost on their blood relatives to the north. A concert in the DMZ at the Korean border, emceed by President Trump could win the war without firing a shot (and remember, Steve Bannon is right, miliitarily this war is unwinnable), Korean people ”Tear down the wall.”

Peace and love to all. Pass this message around.

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