Is Bad Diplomacy Good for the Future?

Diplomacy which has failed miserably absolutely for the past 25 years with North Korea is considered the only response we can have by many of our elected public officials.

The harsh reality is that a nuclear armed and capable North Korea changes the entire balance of power in Asia — and even for the Chinese — but especially for the Americans and our allies.

Diplomacy with dictators throughout the course of history has shown it does not work — or certainly not for very long.

Yet our fake news consortium of talking heads on cable television and national stations and various major news websites are all resounding with the similar refrain: “The president is near to crazy for threatening North Korea.”

Can you imagine calling for diplomacy with a leader of a third world nuclear nation threatening not just to nuke the United States but now to nuke Guam? Or Japan, or South Korea?

The fact of the matter is that North Korea’s ability to launch nuclear weapons upon intercontinental ballistic missiles is no longer a matter for study by our intelligence services. It is a matter of reducing North Korea’s ability to launch anything at anyone in the region ever again.

This moment is rapidly almost upon us — and the complaint that Seoul might be bombed and there might be casualties and we have to resort to diplomacy because that is all the greatest empire in the history of the world is able to do — well — that argument is embarrassing and rubbish. It is humiliating and ridiculous. Worst of all, it runs against what we used to refer to as common sense in making decisions about our national destiny and the safety of the nation.

There is more to this than just North Korea. If we act with our allies to destroy North Korea’s ability to launch missiles and nuclear bombs mounted atop of them, nations like Iran will be sure to take notice and will no longer be sending their armed naval boats toward our ships as though they are going to attack them — and the Arabs in general all calling for jihad will calm down as every dictator will be reduced to fearing for their lives for fear that this nation might actually stop cowering or stop waging ridiculous wars in far away places with no interest in winning the wars.

It is well known we have been very good at winning the wars but losing the peace.

The North Korean threats to nuke us and our allies cannot be allowed to go on.

With nuclear weapons it becomes a them or us scenario.

The scenario today is different from the saber rattling in the past because the North Koreans have miniaturized an atomic bomb and can now mount it on an intercontinental ballistic missile and aim it at us or worse, use it as they repeatedly say they will.

Our indifference to this threat is appalling on every level — and the indifference of the world to this threat is an indication about how little the world cares about stability.

The using of a nuke would indeed be suicidal for the North Koreans — but what if they use one nuke and kill 30,000 American troops stationed near to the DMZ in one fell swoop? What kind of debate will we have here about using diplomacy as opposed to retaliation? After all, so many would say, you can’t bring the dead troops back to life by nuking innocent North Koreans can you?

While North Korea very likely does not want to be destroyed, they are acting with the hubris and the outrage or regional bullies whose reach has now been extended to the entire world – everywhere on this earth can be reached by a North Korean missile carrying an atomic war head.

And what are we doing?

The debate is about the tone of the president’s public statements. Very little is aimed at the nuclear threat now mounted by the North Koreans and what to do about it.

What to do about it?

I am not General Mattis but I can assure you we will not get involved in a land war in North Korea. The talk of war here by experts is specious. We can bomb North Korea into oblivion. We can in two days destroy their ability to fly their own jets over their own nation — and once this is accomplished, and they have no air cover, we bomb their infra structure and we destroy Pyong Yang – what then for the North Koreans when they have no capital and no nation, really.

Oh yes, we are all made to be petrified by the possibility of North Korean artillery bombing Seoul. But military experts across the board understand that in about 12 to 20 hours of bombing from North Korea, they are out of ammunition and their artillery is destroyed — perhaps 80 per cent of it by American air power — and all of this is achieved without the use of an atomic weapon.

The North Koreans can send their army into South Korea but they can’t resupply the army beyond a few days. Everything behind their army will be bombed into submission and utter and complete destruction.

And everyone here awakening to CNN and MSNBC’s hysterical and cowardly rants about the president’s tone will still be sipping their morning coffee and turning the channel to the Today Show to watch Matt Lauer and his crew acting serious for a moment about the “possible war” in North Korea and then turn to laughter and fun with a new recipe for food being cooked or an anecdotal story about a transgender overcoming adversity.

The North Koreans are like the Nazis. We are like the Jews living under the Nazis early on.

Just be quiet and inobtrusive and they will go away.

We know what happened to all the Jews hoping the Nazis would go away if they remained quiet.

“Oh, yes, they just talk a nasty game (like the North Koreans). They won’t do anything that threatens Hitler’s dictatorship,” was the collective objective thought.

Hoping North Korea will just go away and their threat to world peace and regional peace will go away is hoping for milk and honey when facing a famine.

Military experts have detailed how North Korea’s military will wither away within five or six days without resupply. This is not overconfidence. It is a military 21st Century reality.

If I were General Mattis — I’d tell the president to blow up the next missile ready for launch in North Korea as a warning — a pre-emption to something much more nasty.

Nasty nasty people like the North Koreans end up as the Nazis did but they will take many people with them before all is said and done. This is simply the stuff of harsh reality facing the politically correct world.

As for the diplomacy the liberals and apologists are all calling for… I would refer them to history.

Stalin meets with Hitler in June 1940. They sign a non-aggression pact with one another. “We will not invade you,” Hitler promises Stalin. In November comes the Nazi invasion of Russia which nearly defeated the Russians.

Shortly before the German-Russian farce came the Neville Chamberlain meeting in Germany with Hitler. This is 1938. Chamberlain flew to Germany to calm Hitler down and signed an agreement with him and came back shining, smiling, “Peace in our time,” he told the British people upon returning.

In 1939, England declared war on Germany after Poland was invaded. In 1940, came the German saturation bombing of England and especially of London. The Battle for Britain had begun with Nazi bombers flying right up the Themes River and bombing London and killing hundreds and then came the slaughter of so many all over the world.

North Korea is not Nazi Germany but with nuclear bombs mounted on intercontinental ballistic missiles or on platforms orbiting earth in outer space and aimed at us below, we should be deeply concerned enough to do something before it is too late.

I am more worried about the North Koreans than I am with our president’s unscripted warnings to the North Koreans.

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