Who is to Blame for Charlottesville?

Like many thinking people who understand the news is skewered, and presently distorted to denounce the president and enoble virtually everything else, I am persuaded to lash out at those who do not understand reality or report it to the American people.

During the 8 years of Obama we wrote about racism and division as a moniker for our national consciousness. Haters united against Obama and so did many white people who couldn’t stand the idea and the reality of a black president.

What happened in Charlottesville  could have been stopped but it wasn’t.


Because the mayor is an idiot and has no idea how to run his city when presented with a march by neo-Nazis. Yet the mayor is only too happy to be interviewed by Jake Tapper on CNN where he talked about the kind of campaign the president ran as though the death of an innocent from a car ramming by a lunatic was his fault.

The car ramming should be described as an Islamic tool of terrorism as this is where the modern iteration of car ramming was born some months back.

The mayor of Charlottesville should resign or be sued.

So too should the police chief.

The governor of Virginia is another failure. He suggested on national television yesterday that the haters should all go home.

They should go home the way the leader of North Korea should stop building missiles and atomic bombs.

Now because of the inability of the officials in Charlottesville to keep these white, hating lunatics separate from those who want to disrupt their marches we are hearing that that the lunatics may be coming back!

What a surprise.

Trump didn’t order them back — in the incompetence of the leadership and the law in Charlottesville are acting as a default mechanism.

Such a hate rally might happen anywhere in the world these days, let alone Charlottesville.

In New York City, in Chicago, in Boston, LA, and San Francisco, the protesters would never get within 50 yards of one another because law enforcement knows how to prevent a riot from happening.

The fraudulent, incendiary emptiness of the national news led by those wishing only to condemn the president rather than to condemn the sickness of racism that resides in nearly all of us is the problem.

I read on bit on the Internet where people in one city were all praying for an end to hate.

That’s a great idea.

It is a bit like praying that the world we live in be only about love and flowers and beauty and gentleness.

What world is that?

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