On Abortion

On abortion…

Immigrants being given funding for abortions in Oregon doesn’t bother me. Abortions in general don’t bother me. I am not certain why, except to write that my understanding of the world allows for abortion as an adjunct to the Malthusian belief that the earth’s population is diminished by war and famine and climactic events which we cannot cause or control, and this includes the new religion called climate control.

Unwanted babies who cannot be clothed or fed in places like Africa and Asia is a perpetual righteous demand for abortion. Starving millions of babies whose lifespans are the snap of a finger are benefitted by abortion the way Russians through the course of their miserable history were welcomed by the open hole in the ground and happy family surrounding it as death for them was the release from the suffering in life.

This being said…I am not certain about abortion any more than I am certain about the death penalty or euthanasia or mercy killing of those with terminal diseases causing them excruciating pain and suffering.

Abortion is a personal thing for women. Do I want this baby? Do I not want this baby? Can I afford this baby or can I not? Will I hate and not care about this baby because the I hate the man and don’t care about the person who impregnated me?

Is creating atomic bombs and weapons of death any worse than allowing abortion? Is the comparison too ridiculous?

If life is so precious then why do we who are living care so little for those who can’t afford to eat to sustain their lives — and why is life so important that the impoverished should be persuaded by the blind allegiance to their contrived religions to have such large families of children who will go without food, without medicine, without education, without clothing, without what we like to refer to as God given hope?

Abortion rides side by side with our institutional indifference to the suffering of the multitudes.

It is no worse than the allowance of the nationwide opioid addiction epidemic and no better than allowing the death penalty to be carried out in some states over others.

I am not interested in abortion.

I am interested in life that can sustain itself and which has a chance to contribute to the maintenance of our place on this earth — not life simply for the sake of life.

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