Russians spying on us? Readying for a takeover.

The Russians are spying on us, we are being told.

Russians are influencing American elections.

It is like a bit out of a Cold War John le Carré novel.

No one is certain how the Russians are controlling our elections or exactly who is committing cyber fraud and war.

There is the widespread assumption and belief in the highest places, including our counter espionage kingdoms, that the Russians are gaining the edge on us at the same time we are losing control.

It is supposed to be the other way around considering we are the good guys.

Russian agents are everywhere, we are told in our mainstream media, and what’s worse, they are reporting back to Moscow about what they learn everyday, and are being directed by Moscow to do what?

We aren’t sure.

On the other hand, our spy agencies have never been as proficient at spying as they are today. Without fanfare, we have deployed agents of our government all over the world and wherever there is a US military installation, there are spies.

Modern-era spying finds both the Russian and US intelligence services engaging in the same expedient amorality, all in the name of national security.

In the spy world, everyone lives by lies and subterfuge for so long, right cannot be differentiated from wrong.

Without the prospect of stolen state secrets and the potential for nuclear war, one wonders what the Russians are looking for in the first case, with virtually no American elected public official protesting that we ought to be responding in kind even further than we tend to do already.

The Russians are apparently finding out everything about us — where we shop, what we buy, where we bank, how our electrical grid works, maybe how our banking system works, and the like.

They don’t really need spies to do any of this.

They can find just about anything they need to know on-line.

After all, rogue nations can learn how to build an atomic weapon on-line.

We are not certain the Russians are gaining added insight into our nuclear secrets, or which of our most trusted leaders are having affairs or are homosexual.

Gathering this type of information used to give caché to Russian spying efforts.

If they found out during the late 1940s and 1950s about our atomic secrets by spying on us, they could achieve an advantage. And if they could poison our political well by blackmailing some of our leaders because they had evidence they could reveal of their indiscretions, all the better.

Stalinist Russia was all about this kind of spying.

But Stalin has been dead since 1953.

Russia as we knew it has been dead since the Wall came down in 1989.

The world at large no longer convulses over revelations of sexual affairs or who is or who is not homosexual, bi-sexual, trans-sexual, and on and on.

Nuclear secrets aren’t worth stealing as Russia has parity with us when it comes to our arsenals.

Russians spying on us, roaming about gathering information about us, fails to motivate the American masses any more.

If you go about your day without feeling provoked by Russians lurking in the shadows spying on us, well, we can report you are very likely normal and well adjusted.

What exactly are the Russians finding out spying inside America?

Not much.

A cub reporter once asked his mentor if he, the young reporter, could do a secret investigation into an adversary of the newspaper he was working for.

“So you want to do an investigation?” the mentor said to the cub reporter.

“Then I have a great idea, start by investigating yourself.”

Instead of spying in the US, the Russians should spy on their own ruthless and corrupt Putin-led government.

That would be an eye opener.

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